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‘Kaguya-Sama’ to take lengthy hiatus after Chapter 225’s release


Kaguya-Sama will go on a lengthy hiatus after the release of Chapter 225. By the looks of it, there will be a long wait before fans will see what will happen next Chapter 226.

Kaguya-Sama will have a two-week break after Chapter 225’s release on Thursday, April 22. As the manga, reportedly, nears its conclusion, does this mean Aka Akasaka is now working on the manga’s ending?

The lengthy hiatus

According to Epic Dope, neither Akasaka nor the manga’s publisher, Weekly Young Jump, reveals the reason for the break.

This gives birth to theories the mangaka is maybe suffering from a health issue, so he asks for a break. This is not the first time that the manga goes on a hiatus.

However, there are also assumptions that the manga artist is planning something big for the series.

Will Kaguya-Sama drop a huge bang when it returns? Is this the start of the manga’s ending?

The nearing end

Comicbook reported in August 2020 that Kaguya-Sama is beginning its final stretch.

Akasaka himself earlier said the series already went too far off its story than he initially expected.

Sure, its anime adaptation is about to have a third season, but the manga may soon conclude.

It started its serialization in 2015 and had been ongoing for about six years now. So, in a tweet, Akasaka revealed the series was already in its “final phase” after its 200th chapter.

However, he didn’t reveal how long the series would run. So far, the manga is now its 225th chapter.

By the looks of it, it is already on its final installments now that Kaguya and Miyuki open up about their romance.

However, fans know that “final” means quite a lot when it comes to manga. It doesn’t exactly mean that the series will end, but the creator may be on his way to work on its ending.

Other Kaguya-Sama adaptations

Aside from the manga, Kaguya-Sama has several adaptations on different platforms.

Its original video animation is set to be out on May 19. The sequel to its first live-action movie, alternatively, will drop on August 20.

In addition, Funimation is now working on its third season, which may be released later this year.

With these different events happening to the franchise, it looks like there is more to come to Kaguya and Miyuki’s love story.

Kaguya-Sama will return with Chapter 226 on Thursday, May 13.

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