‘Kairos’ released character posters

The upcoming MBC drama Kairos released the character posters of its lead cast.

Kairos tells the story of time crossing fantasy and thriller about the interconnected fate of the characters.

Kim Seo Jin fell into despair when somebody kidnapped his daughter. On the other hand, Han Ae Ri is the woman who is in constant search for her missing mother.

From the perspective of Kim Seo Jin, Han Ae Ri is living at precisely a month behind her, but Kim Seo Jin and Han Ae Ri miraculously communicate from different times. Both of them are out on a quest to save their missing loved ones.

The worried father

In the poster of Shin Sung Rok, he plays a father role.

His world fell apart after his daughter was kidnapped. With tears in his eyes, he is making a phone call to someone unknown. The caption on the poster reads that “Han Ae Ri will save his life, and he will save hers too.”

In the quest for a missing mother

Next is Lee Se Young’s poster.

She is portraying the desperation and determination of a woman working three jobs to meet her end. Lee Se Young is reaching out to the man in the future to find her missing mother. The caption in her photo exclaims that they will save each other.

The right hand

Ahn Bo Hyun acts as Seo Do Kyun.

He is the right hand of Kim Seo Jin at his construction company. His poster is showing half of his face in the light and the other side in the shadow.

It hints at a more mysterious role than Kim Seo Jin’s employee. His caption reads that he will return everything as it was.

A hopeless and desperate mother

Nam Gyu Ri will play the character of Kang Hyun Chae, the wife of Kim Seo Jin and the mother of Kim Da Bin.

The poster shows despair and hopelessness for the loss of her daughter. Nam Gyu Ri’s caption reads that she does not have the confidence to live without Kim Da Bin.

The loyal assistant

And lastly is WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon, as Im Gun Wook. He is the loyal and dependable assistant of Han Ae Ri and ready to do anything for her. The caption on his poster reads that he would not let anything happen to Han Ae Ri.

Image courtesy of Viu Singapore/YouTube Screenshot

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