Kamala Harris as first US female president is ‘insult’, Trump says

Kamala Harris as first US female president is 'insult', Trump says

President Donald Trump told his North Carolina supporters that Kamala Harris as the first woman U.S. president, “would be an insult” to the country.

This isn’t the first time that President Trump threw shade on Kamala Harris. Since Joe Biden named her as his Democrat VP ticket, the current POTUS had a lot to say about her.

Harris is seen as a strong political figure. Political analysts predict that her shot at the presidency in the future is not as far-fetched as her rivals might think.

Harris as a presidential frontrunner

According to Market WatchKamala Harris is the “first woman of color on a major-party presidential ticket.” Should she win this November’s U.S. election, she’d be the first female Vice-President.

By just running the national ticket, she’s already breaking norm barriers. Her career history itself is an inspiration to many hopefuls; She’s the very first South Asian-American senator in the country. Before that, Harris was dubbed as the first woman to be California’s Attorney General.

Furthermore, the publication notes that if Biden wins this year, Harris is considered a frontrunner next election.

This is, of course, assuming that Biden will not be seeking a second term.

Trump expressive of his dissent against Harris

Right after Kamala Harris was confirmed as the Democrat VP ticket, a birther conspiracy theory was already pounded on her. Reports previously discussed that by not denying and even lauding the author of that editorial piece on Harris’ eligibility, Trump allegedly promoted such theory being true instead.

During his North Carolina presidential campaign rally, the same publication quotes him saying:

“People don’t like her. Nobody likes her. She could never be the first woman president. She could never be. That would be an insult to our country.”

Although multiple poll platforms say, Kamala Harris is actually more favorable than unfavorable. Per YouGovas of August 29, she is 48.6% favorable.

Politico reported last month that “Kamala Harris is the only candidate on either major party ticket with a net favorability rating that is positive.”

In fact, as pointed out by Forbes, Joe Biden’s rapid response director, Andrew Bates, reminds Trump of his comments last July, even before Biden named Harris as his VP.

Furthermore, Trump himself told the public that Harris is actually a “fine choice” for his rival’s running mate.

Yet during his campaign in New Hampshire, he told his supporters that Kamala Harris is “not competent.” He compares the senator to his own daughter, Ivanka, as a better VP candidate, per CNN


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