Kanye West concedes defeat in the presidential race, will run again in 2024

Kanye West concedes defeat in the presidential race, will run again in 2024

Kanye West seemed to have accepted his fate that he won’t be winning the presidential race this year. But he will be trying it again in the next election.

Kanye West announced on the Fourth of July that he would run for president, and he did. There is no declared winner yet, but Kim Kardashian’s husband had already conceded.

Kanye West will run in 2024

Kanye West has already accepted the fact that the presidential race is now between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The Gold Digger has already conceded by announcing that he will run again in 2024, Mirror reported.

“KANYE 2024,” West wrote on Twitter.

Apparently, the rapper knows that he is not winning this time, but he is not giving up his dream of becoming a president one day. The netizens have mixed opinions about West’s announcement. Some of them were supportive, but others were not.

“AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN,” one wrote while sharing a photo of his ballot with Kanye West’s name on the write-in candidate section.

Another showed his support for West by sharing a snap of West and Ellon Musk together. In the snap, the word “President” can be read above West while and “Vice President” above the SpaceX CEO.

“Kanye I love you man, but you’re never gonna become president so please stop,” one commented.

West gets thousands of votes

Kanye West is not as popular as Joe Biden and Donald Trump in the presidential race. He didn’t make such a big impact, but he still received thousands of votes. He also voted for the first time, and he voted for himself.

“God is so good Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it’s for someone I truly trust…me,” he tweeted.

West has received at least 60,000 votes from the Americans as an Independent. At present, the count for the rapper is at 59, 781 votes per Deadline. West’s biggest haul was in Tennessee, where he received 10,188 votes, and he ranked fourth in some states. However, his percentage of the vote was never over 0.04%.

Jennifer Aniston shaded West

Jennifer Aniston was among the celebrities who supported Joe Biden. But the Friends alum also shaded the rapper when she said that it’s not funny to vote for West.

Kim Kardashian’s husband fired back at Brad Pitt’s ex-wife by slamming her sitcom, saying that Friends wasn’t funny either. But West has since deleted the tweet.


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