Kanye West gets revenge on Kim Kardashian with tell-all book: Rumor

Kanye West gets revenge on Kim Kardashian with tell-all book: Rumor

Kanye West is, allegedly, gearing up for a tell-all interview about his failed marriage to Kim Kardashian.

Other than an interview, Kanye West is also writing a tell-all book about the struggles he faced due to his ex-wife.

And according to OK! magazine, Kardashian’s huge family isn’t free from West’s criticisms.

“He doesn’t have anything to lose at this point. His marriage is all but over and his reputation’s in damage control. He blames Kim and her family for this, and he’s ready to tell it like it is and make them pay for all their actions,” the source said.

Kanye West holding on to Kim Kardashian's secret tapes 

Kanye West holding on to Kim Kardashian’s secret tapes

The insider also claimed that West warned Kardashian about the secret tapes that he has of her. So, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is worried about her secrets that may be exposed.

“He knows all the ins and outs of her family drama, not to mention the plastic surgeries that she’s kept from the public. Kim hopes that he’s just baiting her, but she’s still furious that he’d stoop so low,” the source said.

Did Kim Kardashian cheat on the rapper?

In his tell-all, West will, allegedly, talk not only about Kardashian’s secret tapes but also her cheating scandal.

“Kanye suspected Kim of cheating on him throughout their marriage. He was so driven by jealousy that he wanted to divorce her long before all of this, but he never had the guts,” the source said.

Kanye West dislikes Kris Jenner

Other than Kardashian, Kanye West is also, allegedly, ready to dish the dirt on his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner.

“Kanye has choice words for Kris, whom he’s accused of trying to lock him up. Kanye’s privet to Kris’ plot to destroy half of Hollywood. He knows how she throws her weight around studios and who she has on her blacklist. He writes everything down and forgets nothing. The family always assumed he was jotting down lyrics, but he’s been scribbling notes about them for years,” the source said.

Unfortunately, the tabloid was unable to provide concrete proof that West will be giving a tell-all interview.

As of late, Kanye West and Kardashian haven’t also expressed any desire to end their marriage.

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