Kanye West prays for Donald, Melania Trump after COVID-19 diagnosis, Twitter reacts

Kanye West prays for Donald, Melania Trump after COVID-19 diagnosis, Twitter reacts

Kanye West offered his prayers for Donald Trump and Melania after both tested positive for COVID-19, and it received mixed responses from Twitter.

Kanye West is good friends with Donald Trump. When he learned that he tested positive for coronavirus, he shared a warm message for the first couple.

Kanye West prays for the Trumps

On Saturday, Kanye West tweeted about President Donald Trump and Melania’s coronavirus diagnosis. The POTUS announced on Thursday that they tested positive for COVID-19.

In his post, the Gold Digger rapper stressed the need for “civility across the board.” He called out the public to come together as he offered his prayers for the POTUS and FLOTUS’ full recovery. Kim Kardashian’s husband said he would do the same if it were Joe and Jill Biden or anyone else.

Twitter reacts to West’s message

Twitter users have mixed opinions about Kanye West’s post. Many agreed that people should come together and support Donald and Melania Trump. Several who don’t support Trump also uttered prayers for him, the first couple.

“God heal Mr. president @realDonaldTrump and bless you @kanyewest for always speaking your truth. He is in our prayers,” one replied to West.

“He indirectly caused 200k+ people to die, if you believe pray for the ones that really matter and not white supremacists that only spread hate,” another wrote, blaming Trump for those over 200,000 Americans who died due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, many defended West and said he was praying for everyone regardless if the person is pro-Trump or not. One netizen said he is not a Trump supporter nor a white supremacist, but he believes no one should be in pain.

“Also prayers arent limited. You can pray for everyone in the world,” the same netizen added.


West and Trump’s unlikely friendship

Donald Trump and Kanye West have an “unlikely friendship,” according to Business Insider. In 2009, when the Famous rapper stole Taylor Swift’s moment at the MTV Video Music Awards. Trump called the move “disgusting,” and even wanted to boycott West.

But in 2014, the president complimented West and Kardashian following their lavish wedding, calling them “very nice people.” In 2016, West did not vote but said if he had, he would support Trump. On the other hand, his wife supported Hillary Clinton.

In 2018, West expressed his love for Trump in a tweet. He said both of them had dragon energy, and he called the POTUS his brother. Trump responded and thanked West.

“Thank you Kanye, very cool!” Trump wrote.


Image used courtesy of NBC News/YouTube Screenshot

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