Kanye West reveals what push him to run for US President

Kanye West

Kanye West spoke candidly about why he chose to immediately run as for U.S. President instead of running first in lower offices.

Kanye West revealed the reason why he wants to be the U.S. President and why he refused to run as Governor instead.

On October 17, Kanye hinted that Joe Rogan approved his appearance on The Joe Rogan Podcast. After a few attempts, he finally sat down for an interview on the show.

What Kanye said during the interview

Rogan asked Kanye some questions surrounding the rapper’s decision to push through his presidential bid.

The host questioned why he chose to take a different path despite being successful in the entertainment and music industries.

According to the 43-year-old rapper, God put that plan on his heart almost five years ago.

“A few days before the MTV Awards, it hit me in the shower. And when I first thought of it, I just started laughing to myself, all this joy came over my body, through my soul,” he went on. “I felt that energy, I felt that spirit.”

When he let people know about his plan, some people saw it as a joke. In return, the public also unrolled the reasons why he should not run for president.

Furthermore, even Oprah, reportedly, showed disapproval over his decision.

Per Kanye, he ran into the talk show host one or two days after finalizing his move. However, Oprah told him that he would not want to be a president.

In the end, he called those who do not believe in him, naysayers. He also reasoned out to Rogan that once he becomes president, he would be a billionaire.

“At that time I was around 50 million dollars in debt, and I knew I had the confidence that I would be able to turn that around,” he continued.

Kanye reacted to President Donald Trump’s win

Years ago, President Trump won the election. Meanwhile, the rapper shared his reaction about it.

Kanye said that when Trump won, it gave him more hope that anyone who comes outside of politics can also win.

He then mentioned that Ronald Reagan was once an actor, as well, before becoming a president. The former president’s story, allegedly, inspired him more to run for the top office.

As part of the election, Kanye publicized his campaign video for the first time this month.

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