Kanye West slammed on Twitter after peeing on his Grammy award

Kanye West slammed on Twitter after peeing on his Grammy award

Kanye West irked the netizens after he shared a video of him peeing on his Grammy Award on Twitter.

Kanye West wanted to make a statement by doing a bold move while in the middle of a controversy about artists’ lack of rights in owning their master recordings. However, the online users did not approve of what he did because they find it disrespectful.

Kanye West peed on his Grammy Award

Kanye West shared a surprising vide of him on social media, which his followers found disgusting. In the clip, he threw one of his Grammys in the toiled and peed on it.

“Trust me … I WONT STOP,” he wrote in the caption.

West made the post just an hour after he shared photos of his recording contracts with Def Jam music, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. He also announced that he wouldn’t be making new music until his contract with Sony and Universal is done. In the since-deleted tweet, West called himself the “new Moses.”

Twitter slammed West for what he did

The majority of the Twitter users were not impressed with what Kanye West did with his Grammy Award. For them, he was having another meltdown and should get some help with his mental condition.

Some questioned his eligibility to run for president while others criticized his connection with President Donald Trump.

“How much longer are we going to endure this kind of disgusting crap in this country? Between him and Trump this is crazy town,” one wrote.

A different user added that if there’s someone who can top the current president’s antics, it would be West. “We need to get these people some help, truthfully, not vote for them for President,” the netizen added.

Another said it was disgusting because after peeing on the trophy, someone has to take it out from the toilet. Others found it bizarre, nasty, and disrespectful. One urged West to show some respect to the recognition he received for making music.

A different user urged Kim Kardashian to run away from her husband. The Twitter user said West was insane and embarrassing.

On the other hand, another Twitter user said it was not surprising. West had made several controversial tweets in the past months in what many deemed as a meltdown due to his mental condition.

West has a bipolar

Kim Kardashian’s husband was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and had several meltdowns on social media. In his previous posts that he already deleted, he said he wanted to divorce his wife. He alleged that Kardashian cheated on him with Meek Mill, which the latter denied.

West also claimed that Kardashian and Kris Jenner attempted to lock him down with a doctor. He also repeatedly talked about abortion, saying they considered aborting their firstborn.

Kardashian chose to stick with her husband, asking the public to understand him. However, others speculate that they will still divorce due to West’s condition.


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