‘Karate Kid’ spin-off series ‘Cobra Kai’ is heading to Netflix

'Karate Kid' spin-off series 'Cobra Kai' is heading to Netflix

Hit YouTube Premium series Cobra Kai has found its home on another streaming service, with its third season debuting on Netflix instead.

The critically acclaimed Cobra Kai web series—spin-off to the 1984 classic film Karate Kid—is being renewed for a third season, although the show will no longer bear the YouTube name moving forward.

Sony Pictures recently announced that they were looking for a new home for the action-comedy series, eventually striking a deal with Netflix to air season three.

The previous two seasons were also part of the deal, which should be arriving on the streaming service later this year. There has been no announcement so far as to when season three will air, though it will likely be sometime after Netflix puts up seasons one and two.

Why Cobra Kai moved away from YouTube

According to the entertainment publication Deadline, YouTube reportedly agreed to air Cobra Kai season three but refused to commission any seasons beyond that.

This prompted Sony to seek permission from the google-owned streaming service to look around for another outlet that would be willing to commit to future seasons. YouTube allegedly agreed to the suggestion, but only under the condition that the series secures a new home elsewhere first.

The widely popular series piqued the interests of many companies, with heavy-hitters Hulu and Netflix being the front-runners. Netflix would eventually beat out its Disney-owned competitor for the rights to air the Karate Kid sequel.

Karate Kid’s atypical sequel

Cobra Kai isn’t your average sequel, with some people feeling more comfortable calling it a spin-off more than anything. First off, the show follows the exploits of Johnny Lawrence, the lead antagonist in the original Karate Kid movie, with actor William Zabka reprising his role.

In addition to the shift in protagonists, the peculiar sequel takes place 34 years after its predecessor, with Johnny having lived a tough life.

Circumstances lead him to reopen the Cobra Kai dojo in hopes of rekindling his past glory, simultaneously causing him to reawaken his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso – the main character in Karate Kid.

The allure of the Cobra Kai series lies in the stark contrast of Johnny’s current leadership compared to how he did things in his youth. The new dynamic between Johnny and his rival, and his transition from a detestable antagonist to a relatable protagonist is a journey both fans and newcomers shouldn’t miss.

Featured image courtesy of Cobra Kai/YouTube

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