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Kaspersky rolls out new stalkerware defense for PC users


Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky recently announced that it is rolling out a new feature that will boost privacy protection for PC users.

Kaspersky recently reported that 34% of its users have experienced being hacked. Most of these hacks involve unauthorized use of sensitive information without their consent. In a bid to curb these instances, the cybersecurity firm rolls out new privacy protection tools for its users.

Online privacy

The rise of the internet has also resulted in growing incidents of targeted hacking. This is when hackers specifically target a user to steal personal and sensitive information. Among the popular tools used in this particular type of attack are malware and stalkerware.

Stalkerware is a type of software that essentially hides from both the user and anti-virus tools. This type of malicious software is common among smartphones and other mobile devices. However, hackers have also tuned it to target desktop computers.

To protect its users, Kaspersky is introducing several important upgrades to its products. The cybersecurity firm is enhancing its Account Check feature for the Security Cloud for Windows service. The feature will now automatically check email addresses when they are used for logging into cloud accounts.

With the latest update, users will be given a list where they can add individual email addresses. This list is then regularly checked using the Account Check feature.

To further protect its users, the free version of the Kaspersky Password Manager is now equipped with anti-virus software. A suite of Internet Security software from the firm is also integrated into the password manager.

Kaspersky is also improving its software suite to detect stalkerware better. The firm said that its update software could send user notification every time it detects a stalkerware. Once detected, users can opt to delete, ignore, or add the stalkerware into its blacklist.

Rise of hacking software

As anti-virus tools improve, so does the development of malicious software. Reports of hacking emerge almost daily.

Most recently, a hack on Twitter exposed the account of some of the most powerful people in the world. Malicious software is also used to spy and stalk users.

Sometimes, this malicious software is used to mine user data to deliver targeted ads. Although this is a relatively harmless attack, some nefarious hackers use it for more malicious hacks. Kaspersky is on the frontline of this battle against malicious hackers.

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