Kate Garraway’s husband becomes COVID-19 longest-surviving patient

Kate Garraway's husband

Kate Garraway’s husband, Derek Draper, has been suffering from COVID-19 for 184 days, making him the longest-surviving patient ever.

Kate Garraway’s husband received not-so-great news after being hospitalized for a long time.

On March 29, the 53-year-old former lobbyist got admitted after contracting the COVID-19 virus. During that time, the hospital put him on a ventilator and induced a coma.

Only in July 2020, he woke up again. However, Derek’s progress turned out to be very slow.

What is Happening to Derek?

On Monday, The Sun reported that the author became one of the only few people who reached a six-month mark inside the hospital after getting diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Kate has been so brave and her strength is awe-inspiring. But the truth is that progress is very, very slow,” a source, reportedly, said. “It’s incredibly tough for Kate though because some days he shows signs of improvement, and then 24 hours later he has taken a worrying turn for the worse.”

The insider then described Derek’s situation as “one step forward, two steps back.”

Despite that, the source disclosed that Kate is grateful that her husband is still here. Since he became one of the longest-surviving patients, the 53-year-old broadcaster still hopes he will make it.

Previously, Fatima Bridle became the longest-surviving patient with COVID-19. She successfully became free from the virus in August after spending 141 days in the hospital.

Tough Time for Kate

Prior to this declaration, Kate already opened up about an update regarding her husband’s condition and how it causes difficult days for the family.

After telling Ben Shephard her feelings, she also talked to Lorraine Kelly, who gave her support amid trying times.

“I’m sorry to hear it’s been a tough week, Kate – but we love having you on the telly!’ Kelly said.

Furthermore, Kate also told Mail On Sunday’s YOU magazine that the doctors warned her Derek might not survive. So when she visited him, Derek’s worn-out and thin body that keep on fighting against the virus shocked her.

Since Derek was unable to breathe, the doctors needed to put him into a medical coma to allow his lungs to rest.

But before closing his eyes then, Kate called him to say, “I love you, you’ve saved my life.”

Kate and Derek married 15 years ago, and they share two children — Darcey (14) and Billy (11).

The family takes extra cautionary measures since Derek received his diagnosis.

Featured image courtesy of CorkieMagic/Wikimedia Commons

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