Kate Hudson reveals she would’ve been interested in dating Jimmy Fallon

Kate Hudson reveals she would’ve been interested in dating Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon and Kate Hudson are currently making waves right now after the actress joined the talk show host on quarantine Monday for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The interview started with Fallon bringing up Almost Famous and Hudson, pointing out the relationship that spawned because of the film.

The Bride Wars star then went on to say that they need to discuss the 2018 interview that Jimmy Fallon did with Margot Robbie. The two were playing Loaded Questions and was asked: “Do you have a co-star that you thought you could’ve dated but didn’t?”

While Robbie refused to answer the question, Fallon blurted out Hudson’s name. And as it turns out, the 45-year-old had a real shot at dating the actress back then as admitted by Hudson herself.

“If you would have actually made a move, I would have totally gone there,” the actress said, with Fallon shaking his head in disbelief. “Yes, of course,” Hudson went on. “I remember thinking to myself, like, ‘Why has Jimmy never made a move?’ And then I just kind of realized, like, ‘Oh, well he’s not into me like that.’”

Everything turned out perfectly

The two were in the film Almost Famous and apparently got close at some point although their friendship never made it to the next level. But as Kate Hudson revealed, everything could’ve turned out different if Jimmy Fallon took his shot.

Of course, both stars are happily married right now and are glad by how way things unfolded. Fallon is married to Nancy Juvonen and has two daughters, Frances and Winnie. Hudson, on the other hand, is with Rock Band lead singer Chris Robinson. The pair shares three children named Ryder, Rani, and Bingham.

Another missed opportunity

Kate Hudson reveals she would’ve been interested in dating Jimmy Fallon

Hudson isn’t the first celebrity that Fallon could’ve dated. In 2015, Nicole Kidman also revealed she was interested in him. But similar to Hudson, Fallon didn’t show any overt signs that the feeling was mutual, so the whole thing kind of just dissolved before it could blossom.

Fallon, of course, was red-faced on both interviews, which is quite endearing, to say the least. Hudson’s recent revelation also caused fans to question whether there are other celebrities that Fallon missed out dating in the past.

This Jimmy Fallon and Kate Hudson story proved to be quite the distraction amidst the quarantine as both stars are currently trending on the web right now. The actress is currently number nine in Google Trends following the release of the video, with 50 thousand searches in the last 24 hours.


Photo Courtesy of InStyle/YouTube and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube Screenshots

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