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Kate Hudson wants to pass on self-confidence from mother to daughter


Kate Hudson wants to pass on an important legacy to her daughter. It’s not a material thing but something that she also received from her actress mother Goldie Hawn.

Kate Hudson has been a boy mom for quite a long time until she finally gave birth to her first baby girl, Rani Rose Hudson Fujikawa.

In an interview with People, Hudson talked about how she wants to teach her one-year-old girl the same thing that her mother taught her growing up.

She spoke of this after a photoshoot with her mother and her daughter for the annual Beautiful Issue in early February in L.A. The cover features three generations of the ladies in their family.

Confidence from her mother

Hudson recalled the time her famous mother gave her the room to grow with confidence.

“My mom gave me the floor to be able to feel confident enough to go out and feel like my life could be my own,” the 41-year old Bride Wars said.

She also revealed how Hawn had been her greatest cheerleader. This led her to think about what she wants to pass on to her own daughter.

“And it just made me think about Rani…going, ‘I hope I give her that kind of confidence,’ you know?”

Self-confidence is very crucial in young girls. A lot of teens face a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. But Hudson wants to prepare her baby girl for that challenge in the future.

Family is her inspiration

Hudson also talked about how her mother’s relationship with her long-time partner Kurt Russell inspired her so much. Hawn, 74, has been with Russell, 69, for 37 years already.

Watching them together has made Hudson realize how important family is and how it’s the very thing that really matters the most.

She also said that living up to her parents’ relationship is the goal and that they are the center of their lives.

Hudson evidently shares a really strong bond with her mother. She even credits her for always giving her good advice on relationships.

One of the advice she kept in mind is to never let a man dim her light. This taught her to never define herself through the way a man sees her. Instead, she defines herself in the unit that they can create together.

Hudson said that advice is what her mother gave her. She shares a daughter with musician boyfriend Danny Fujikawa.

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