Kate Middleton body language showed significant change, vulnerable side

Kate Middleton has been upping her game in doing her royal duties amid the COVID-19 pandemic. From a timid Duchess of Cambridge to a future Queen Consort, a body language expert revealed how Kate has significantly changed.

Kate Middleton has been loyally doing her royal duties since her marriage with Prince William in 2011. From in-person meetings, everything changes to virtual engagements due to the coronavirus restrictions.

The 38-year-old royal has taken more royal roles as time passes by. So, how does she manage to handle this work without a sweat?

The dramatic change in Kate’s portrayal of her royal roles

Body language expert Judi James said a dramatic shift occurred in how Kate played her role as a senior royal. She now looked more relaxed whenever she’s holding any royal engagements.

“Kate is often being seen trying to make her husband laugh in public and indulging in more frequent bouts of actual laughter herself when she is making royal visits,” she said, per Express.

She was, allegedly, trying to show a different side of herself. She now let others see more of her personality when she opened up about her struggles during the coronavirus lockdown.

However, in her recent outings, James noticed how Kate was showing her “more vulnerable side” as she did more royal duties.

“In between her smiles and laughter, there have also been quite dramatic glimpses of a sadder and more thoughtful-looking facial expression from Kate,” she revealed. “This might be a sign of the added pressure she’s now under in terms of working flat out.”

James added it was quite evident that Kate was now more confident in doing her royal roles. She looked happy to “represent the monarch” either with her husband, Prince William, on herself alone.

“She seems happier to acknowledge that she is popular in her own right now,” James explained. “And that she has earned the respect and possibly admiration of the Queen too.”

Prince William, Kate continue royal duties in-person

Kate and Prince William were back on the road to continue doing their royal duties in-person.

The couple recently went to the Shire Hall Care Home. They visited Joan Drew-Smith and the rest of its residents personally after meeting and playing bingo with them virtually.

They also continued their tour of Wales and had a secret trip to Barry Island. Here, the Cambridges tried on a few arcade games.

The visit was, reportedly, unannounced, following the new royal protocol. Just like other royals, Kate and Prince William were readjusting to the new normal post-coronavirus.

The royals were requested not to inform the public of their whereabouts and locations to avoid a huge gathering. Prince William and Kate Middleton were following this.

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