Kate Middleton: Duchess’s first royal Christmas gift to Queen Elizabeth revealed

Kate Middleton: Duchess's first royal Christmas gift to Queen Elizabeth revealed

Queen Elizabeth received a surprising gift from Kate Middleton in 2011.

Kate Middleton joined the British Royal Family in 2011. After almost a decade of dating, she and Prince William officially tied the knot earlier that year.

Upon her arrival to the royal firm, she had to attend her first Christmas in Sandringham. In her first time as a guest of the British Monarch, the Duchess of Cambridge thought of giving her the “perfect gift.”

Marie Claire recently recalled the future Queen Consort’s revelations about the matter. In her previous interview, she shared what she gifted her husband’s grandmother nearly a decade ago.

Kate Middleton had worries over her gift

Speaking to ITV’s 2016 special documentary, Our Queen at Ninety, Kate Middleton recalled her first Christmas as a British royal. She spent it at Sandringham as a guest of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Being the wife of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge had worries over what she should give the British Monarch. Despite worrying, she ended up thinking of giving the Queen the same thing she would give her own grandparents.

The future Queen Consort said that she thought of making “something.” Although the gift could have “gone horribly wrong,” she decided to make her grandmother’s own recipe of “chutney.”


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Did Queen Elizabeth like the homemade gift?

People reported that Queen Elizabeth liked the surprising homemade gift. As noted, Kate Middleton thinks she knows how the monarch received the special chutney.

She said that she noticed the jar of chutney on the table the next day. While the Queen did not seemingly disclose her true emotions about the item, the Duchess of Cambridge stated that “simple gesture” went a long way for her.

She continued that it showed how “thoughtful” the British Monarch was, adding that the Queen has always done it on many occasions. She asserted that this manifests her “thoughtfulness,” as well as her “care” for everyone.

About the special chutney

The future Queen Consort did not specify the details of the chutney’s recipe. But, a separate report from People reported that Pippa Middleton previously revealed how their family does the condiment.

Writing for her own cookbook titled, Celebrate, the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister revealed that the recipe mainly features onions, apples, and marrows. She clarified, however, that the marrows are actually zucchinis (for Americans.)

In the book, Kate Middleton’s sister named the condiment “Granny’s Marrow Chutney.” In making the food enhancer, the overall process involves simmering 2 kilos of zucchinis for two hours. Alongside the apples and onions, the mixture also features raisins, brown sugar, malt vinegar, and other supplemental seasonings.


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