Are Kate Middleton, Prince William questioning ‘stiff upper lip’ rule?


Kate Middleton and Prince William, reportedly, question “stiff upper lip” rule after making a legal move against media.

Being the face of the British Monarchy entails a lot of duties and responsibilities. In the case of Kate Middleton and Prince William, their’s have seemingly appeared to have increased in recent weeks.

Despite having to stay indoors, the Cambridge couple has continued to become active. In fact, royal experts reportedly deem them as the faces of the modern British Monarchy.

While praise and pleasant words have continued to overflow, there is also unpleasant news that has since emerged. As stated, several of these allegations came after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stepped down and left the royal life.

British Royals’ ‘stiff upper lip’ rule

For many decades, controversies and allegations have plagued several members of the British Royal Family. But, despite all the murmurs and whispers among tabloids and other publications, the majority of the British Royals have remained silent one issue after another.

Royal experts even said that Queen Elizabeth II had had this rule of “never complain, never explain.” As stated, it is an unspoken rule that all British Royals must comply, a dynamic that has become very apparent, as well, in the Kate Middleton and Prince William’s life.

However, things have seemingly started to change recently when news emerges revealing the Duke and Duchess’ move against the publication, Tatler.

Kate Middleton, Prince William sent ‘legal letters’

Aside from describing her as “perilously thin” like Princess Diana, several claims also said that she now feels “exhausted” and “trapped,” according to Cheat Sheet. She was even feeling “furious,” the sources told Tatler.

Following the release of the claims, Kate Middleton and Prince William sent “legal letters” to Tatler, according to The Sun. As claimed, they have since demanded the magazine to remove its claims and “online profile” of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Alongside the legal action, Kensington Palace reportedly “issued” an official statement regarding the article. As asserted, Tatler‘s piece reportedly contained “a swathe of inaccuracies” and “false representations.”

A royal source then reportedly shared that what Anna Pasternak has written for Tatler “is full of lies.” It is “preposterous” and “wrong,” the source said.

The source went on to explain that Kate Middleton is not “overwhelmed with work.” Also, Prince William is not “obsessed with Carole Middleton.”

Kate, William now question the royal ‘stiff upper lip’ rule

Since then, members of the British Royal Family have observed the “stiff upper lip” policy. But, while the rest of the Royal Family has seemingly kept quiet about the matter, recent reports said that the Cambridge couple is now “rethinking” this rule. 

As stated, the Duke of Cambridge recently shared that they now need to start “questioning” its relevance in today’s period. Also, with their current legal action, it reportedly shows that Prince William and Kate Middleton are now stepping out of the “rule” since they are now fighting back.

Both Kate Middleton and Prince William have yet to comment on these speculations. Hence, avid followers of the Cambridge couple should take these unverified claims lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

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