Kate Middleton reportedly follows these “bathroom rules”


British Royals, like Kate Middleton, do not refer to the bathroom as “bathroom.”

Kate Middleton officially became part of the British Royal Family in 2011. When she married Prince William, she automatically became the Duchess of Cambridge.

As a senior working royal, she has to follow all the royal rules, no matter what they are. Even if it involves her bathroom periods, she has to oblige.

Shockingly, the British Royal Family has surprising royal rules when using the comfort room, according to Cheat Sheet. One great example of this is that they do not reportedly use the word “bathroom.”

They never call it “bathroom” or “toilet”

British Royals, including Kate Middleton, do not use certain words in accordance with the “rules,” according to Reader’s Digest. Some of these words include “pregnant,” “pardon,” and “lounge.” Instead of saying these things, they reportedly prefer using the terms, “in a family way,” “sorry,” and “drawing room.”

Similarly, they do not find using the words “bathroom” and “toilet” appropriate. What they would rather use is “lavatory” or “loo.”

However, they do not say these words either, when they need a “loo break.” Sources said that the British Royals would instead ask to excuse themselves from their audience and be on their way.

No reading inside the loo for Kate Middleton

Royal etiquette expert Myka Meier previously revealed what Kate Middleton and Prince William’s restrooms would look like today. She claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge likely uses bar soaps instead of liquid soaps.

She explained that many upper-class British homes do not prefer these kinds of soaps. Typically, they use bars that are “lightly scented.”

Meier then added that the British Royals’ households unlikely offers newspapers and reading materials inside their lavatories. She described them as “unhygienic,” which makes total sense why royals would not have and use these items during their loo breaks.

About Queen Elizabeth’s bath

Royal correspondent Brian Hoey revealed Queen Elizabeth’s preferences for her baths. While she enjoys her tea and biscuits early in the morning, her maids prepare her bath, according to the Daily Mail.

The royal aids check the temperature of the water, as well as the amount. The British Monarch reportedly prefers a bath that is not too hot nor too cold. They also set the temperature using a “wooden-cased” thermometer. As for the amount, she wants it seven inches high.

It remains unknown, though, how Kate Middleton would like her bath to be. But, Hoey’s claims have since given the public a glimpse of how the British Royals set their preferences when it comes to using loos and lavatories.

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