Kate Middleton furious at Princess Charlotte for spilling flour in the kitchen: Rumor

Kate Middleton furious at Princess Charlotte for spilling flour in the kitchen: Rumor

Kate Middleton recently admitted that taking care of three children during the pandemic is exhausting.

While speaking with fellow parents of schoolchildren, Kate Middleton also revealed that she has been playing multiple roles for her kids while they are holed up at home.

Kate Middleton thinks parenting is exhausting during pandemic

For instance, there are times wherein the Duchess of Cambridge plays the role of hairdresser and teacher for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

“I feel pulled in so many different directions. You try your best with everything, but at the end of the day, I do feel exhausted,” she said.

Did Princess Charlotte make a mess?

According to Life & Style, there’s so much more to Middleton’s parenting struggles than what she’s telling royal fans.

After all, there was, allegedly, a time wherein Prince William’s wife walked into their kitchen only to find Princess Charlotte covered in flour.

A source claimed that the young royal tried to bake a cake but failed. And Princess Charlotte, allegedly, made a mess everywhere.

“There have been plenty of tantrums and screaming matches. And the house is turned upside down,” the source said.

Kate Middleton accuses Prince William of not helping out 

Kate Middleton accuses Prince William of not helping out

Since Middleton is going through a lot, she couldn’t, allegedly, help but lash out at her husband.

“On more than one occasion, Kate’s lashed out at William for not pulling his weight with the kids’ homeschooling and other chores. She’s accused him of leaving her to pick up the pieces,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, the tabloid claimed that it isn’t fair for Kate Middleton to think this way. After all, the Duke of Cambridge helps her out a lot.

In fact, Prince William has been the biggest source of support for the future queen consort. But their tiffs every now and then may just prove that Middleton has been pushed to her limits.

“Kate tries to remain positive. But she’s only human,” the source said.

While it is true that Middleton described parenting during the pandemic as exhausting, there’s no proof that she’s struggling to do it all.

Kate Middleton isn’t just a mom to her three children, but she’s also a senior working royal. But based on her virtual appearances, it seems that she’s doing everything to the best of her ability and is also succeeding.

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