Kate Middleton has two roles as next Queen Consort

Kate Middleton is about to have two roles when she becomes the next Queen Consort when her husband, Prince William, ascends the throne.

Kate Middleton is now preparing for her future roles in the monarchy. She is now dubbed as the Queen in waiting, as she is continuously upping her game with her royal duties.

Bringing Kate to the forefront

Kate will support Prince William when he becomes the new King of England. She has been training for her future role since she married the Duke of Cambridge and joined the Royal Family in 2011.

Until Prince William’s coronation, she will continue to be a queen in training.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl graced the True Royalty’s Kate: The Making of a Future Queen and talked about the Duchess of Cambridge’s future position.

“There are two roles to a future Queen. One is to produce heirs, which she has done,” she said, via Mirror Online. “The other is to learn how to one day become Queen, and that is very much what we are seeing.”

What people see today is a Queen-in-waiting. She is taking on more royal duties, engagements, and a public profile than ever before.

She is also taking on more patronages from Queen Elizabeth herself and Prince Philip.

“This is all very deliberate, it’s very much part of the Palace machine bringing her from the shadows of Anmer and into the forefront,” Nicholl added.

She even called the Palace “very clever” for putting Kate in the spotlight.

“They realize the power of Kate and the potential of Kate and William,” she continued. “This young, glamorous, dynamic duo who actually do have the ability to reshape and project the monarchy into the future.”

Kate, giving hope to people in the U.K.

Kate had been the Royal Family’s light in the dark after the U.K. went into lockdown in March. Everyone, even the royals, had to self-isolate.

Queen Elizabeth holed up at Windsor Castle with her husband, Prince Philip. As she had been out of the public eye, Kate stepped inThe Sun noted.

She and Prince William took in a lot of Zoom calls and meetings from their Norfolk home to continue their work.

Kate even increased her public appearances after the lockdown, starting doing in-person engagements.

She is doing these while balancing life as a mom to a toddler and two kids, who she also has to teach while homeschooling.

As life has dramatically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kate Middleton shows hope after this health crisis.

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