Kate Middleton to receive ‘heartwarming’ title from Prince Charles

Kate Middleton to receive 'heartwarming' title from Prince Charles

Kate Middleton currently holds the title of “Duchess of Cambridge.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to marry each other in 2010. A year later, they officially tied the knot at Westminster Abbey.

Upon marriage, Queen Elizabeth gave her grandson the dukedom of Cambridge. This is why after the wedding, the couple became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The royal couple has since held onto their official titles. But, when Prince Charles ascends to the throne to replace his mother, many expect that the Cambridge couple will receive new titles from the new British Monarch, according to the Daily Express.

New titles for Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince Charles stands as the next person in line to the British Throne. As an Heir Apparent, he holds the traditional title of “Prince of Wales.”

The publication recalled that Queen Elizabeth officially gave him the title when he was ten years old in 1958. More than a decade later, the British Royals held an investiture at Caernarvon Castle for the future King.

Considering that monarchs traditionally passed the title to their respective heirs for centuries now, many reportedly believe that Prince William will also receive the same honor. This will then make Kate Middleton as the new Princess of Wales, which reports deemed as “heartwarming.”

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The current Princess of Wales

Royal experts and commentators described Kate Middleton’s future honor as “heartwarming” because of the person who previously held the title. In 1981, Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles, which automatically made her the Princess of Wales.

15 years later, though, the Wales couple had a divorce, causing the late Princess to lose her royal titles. In 2005, the future King married the then-Camilla Parker Bowles. Following the wedding, she officially became the new Princess of Wales.

Despite formally and officially owning the title, Prince Charles’ second wife does not use the peerage. Instead, she utilizes the “Duchess of Cornwall” title.

Receiving the new honor from Prince Charles

While many are already expecting that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will become the new Prince and Princess of Wales, a separate report from the Daily Express revealed that this remains uncertain. Royal and constitutional experts explained that the title is “not heritable,” adding that it will be dependent on the reigning British Monarch’s decision.

So, whether Prince William and Kate Middleton obtains the Wales title or not, Prince Charles has the ultimate discretion upon his ascension to the British Throne.

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