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Kate Middleton likely under extreme ‘pressure,’ expert claims


Kate Middleton remains committed to her duties as a senior working royal.

Kate Middleton will soon become the Queen of the United Kingdom once Prince William takes his monarchial role. But, despite knowing that this will not happen yet, she has maintained her dedication and commitment to the British Monarchy.

Like the rest of the senior royals, the Duchess of Cambridge is serving the Queen and the Firm as a working royal. She continues to make appearances, alongside the Duke of Cambridge, amid the pandemic crisis.

While royal experts and fans increasingly praise her for her efforts, many continue to notice her physical appearance. Many believe that she is experiencing stress and “pressure,” according to the Daily Express.

Kate Middleton looks “tired”

Kate Middleton recently posted a video on Instagram announcing the results of one of her latest projects, Five Big Questions survey. She captioned the post with the information about the announcement, adding that this is “just the beginning” of the initiative.

The Duchess of Cambridge donned her fashionable pieces, alongside her usual accessories and wavy hair. Although she had her make-up on, many netizens noticed that she looks “tired” because of how her eyes appear. Some even concluded that she likely cried before recording the video.

Several individuals took their concerns to the comment section of the post. While praising her for the positive outcome of the campaign, many conceded that her eyes look “sad,” making her appear more “tired.”

Is she under “extra pressure”?

Speaking to the same publication, Nick Davies explained that Kate Middleton’s “tired nature” could be the result of the “extra pressure.” He, then, noted that her “slightly puffy eyes” displays this.

The body language expert continued that this might be because of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit. Considering that they left their posts as working royals earlier this year, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge now have “extra pressure” on their hands.

Davies, later on, said that, apart from her eyes, the Duchess’s last smile in the video seemingly hints that she is “suffering from stress,” as well as “sadness.” This could also be from the “last of rest” or “crying,” he stated.

“Unwavering” dedication to the British Monarchy

This is not the first time Kate Middleton received these kinds of comments from the public. Since January of this year, many reports pointed out that more and more individuals are becoming concerned about the Duchess’s well-being.

Sources even previously claimed that she is in “panic,” and has since experienced “anxiety” following the Sussex couple’s decision to quit, according to Us Weekly. She reportedly barely rests as her mind continues to go on a race.

Despite all the assertions, though, many fans and experts continue to share their praise and adoration for Kate Middleton. Some royal commentators also commended her for her “unwavering” dedication to the Queen and the Crown.

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