Kate Middleton: Duchess’s ‘marriage on the rocks’ due to alcohol?

Kate Middleton: Duchess's 'marriage on the rocks' due to alcohol?

Prince William and Kate Middleton are, reportedly, on a “collision course.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William remain as some of the most popular British Royals today. Several individuals continue to praise them for their dedication to the British Monarchy. Apart from this, many royal fans and followers seemingly appear to adore them for their relationship.

Behind closed doors, though, sources claimed that the royal couple is facing marital problems these past few months. Gossip Cop recently covered the report, wherein supposed insiders claimed that the Duke of Cambridge’s drinking habits have already become a problem between him and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William’s worsening drinking activities

The assertions first came from the National Enquirer. The tabloid’s sources began by alleging that Prince William is “boozing” to take the edge off.

This has, reportedly, placed him on a “collision course” with Kate Middleton. The reason being is that his drinking activities have already become a “real elephant in the room,” adding that it is “getting worse.”

Unnamed insiders continued that the Duke of Cambridge would always drink a couple of beers after a long day from work. He would allegedly follow this with large glasses of wine, especially after dinner.

The same tipsters added that the royal’s “heavy drinking” has already begun to affect his job. One even claimed that the future King of the United Kingdom recently cancelled his engagement to “drink with his buddies.”


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Dismissing the rumors

Gossip Cop immediately debunked the rumors and called the whole story bogus. As explained, it is quite difficult to believe the details of the story considering the lack of hard evidence.

The reputed publication also emphasized that Kate Middleton is unlikely to share explicit details about her husband with tabloids and magazines. Apart from it being unroyal, Prince William is the second person in line to the British Throne. Hence, it is unbelievable that these kinds of information would go out before the public, whether they are true or not.

Despite this, though, the publication still reached out to the royals’ representative to clear out the speculations. Based on the statements, it has been found out that the entire narrative is false.

Kate Middleton made a rare public display of affection

Amid all the rumors, the Daily Express released a report, as well, detailing how the Duchess of Cambridge paid a sweet tribute to her husband on Thursday. In one of her latest virtual engagements, she made a rare display of affection toward Prince William.

While discussing the pandemic and the lockdown with the other participants, they all shared the name of the person who became their “biggest support” last year. Kate Middleton wrote her husband’s name, proving that all is well between them.


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