Kate Middleton rumor: Prince Charles warns Duchess of her ‘royal downfall’


Prince Charles, reportedly, warned Kate Middleton about her “downfall” amid the royal controversies that have plagued her.

Kate Middleton is facing a lot of controversies these past few weeks following her and Prince William’s legal move against Tatler. It was reportedly a shocking response as the Cambridge couple has always maintained their silence about issues and allegations.

But, in light of the Tatler debacle, it has since appeared that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have started to question the “stiff upper lip” policy among royals, according to Cheat Sheet.

Kate Middleton, Prince William as the faces of the British Monarchy

Amid the crisis in the United Kingdom, Kate Middleton and Prince William have remained dedicated to their roles as the future King and Queen Consort. Despite the need to stay indoors, they have not stopped executing engagements.

With their “unwavering” dedication and commitment, more praises and commendations have emerged and followed them. However, this also reportedly caused many allegations and speculations to rise.

Duchess of Cambridge on a pedestal

Since her arrival to the royal fold, royal experts and fans have largely celebrated her in different ways. Over the years, praise and recognition have always followed her. That is why it is not surprising why she has become the most popular British Royal, next to Queen Elizabeth II, according to the Daily Express.

Unfortunately, her at the front and “center” of attention leaves more room for people to pick her apart, as per Cheat Sheet. As it happened, the British Press is now reportedly attacking the Duchess.

British Press attacks Duchess

A few weeks ago, Kate Middleton received criticisms from the press after Tatler published the piece, Catherine the Great. Although at first, the piece reportedly seems to have celebrated her, the material ended up blasting the Duchess and her husband, Prince William.

The claims include that feuds and tensions have existed between Carole Middleton and the Royal Family. Also, there were allegations that Kate Middleton took Sussex’s exit negatively. As claimed, the Duchess is now left “overwhelmed with work” and “furious” about the royal exit.

Prince Charles’ warning about her “royal downfall”

Amid the huge controversy between the press and the Cambridge royals, several royal experts explained why Kate Middleton and Prince William made their legal move against Tatler. As asserted, the piece has managed to “lift” the Duchess onto a pedestal, and eventually, “knock her off it.”

Prince Charles reportedly warned the Duchess about this. “Her father-in-law said, she’s been put on a pedestal, and it’s impossible to stay on a pedestal,” royal expert, Ingrid Seward shared with Newsweek.

The royal experts further explained about the Prince of Wales’ warning. As stated, this means that Kate Middleton at the top, there is only one way forward, and “that is down.”

Image used courtesy of Mr Pics/Shutterstock

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