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Kate Middleton to become a ‘powerful’ Queen, reports claimed


The public has always commended Kate Middleton for her “unwavering” dedication to the British Monarchy.

Kate Middleton officially became part of the British Royal Family after marrying Prince William. After the wedding, she automatically received the counterpart of her husband’s title and has since been known as the Duchess of Cambridge.

In the future, though, she will likely drop the Duchess title to take on a more powerful title. This may include the “Princess of Wales” honor but, she will definitely become the next Queen Consort of the United Kingdom.

It remains unclear yet how she will do in her future role. However, many believe that she will be a “powerful” Queen, according to Cheat Sheet. The conclusions come after her recent “personal victory” over the British Press. As noted, she has shown the exact qualities that a true Queen should have.

About Tatler’s profile on Kate Middleton

Back in May, Tatler published a profile on Kate Middleton titled Catherine the Great. The author, Anna Pasternak, wrote several claims about the Duchess of Cambridge and even involved her family in it.

Aside from the comments made toward the Middletons, the profile also laid out allegations about the royal’s “thin” body. Pasternak claimed that the Duchess felt “trapped” and “exhausted” following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit, according to Observer.

Kensington Palace immediately issued a “rare” statement to address the material. Based on the comments, the royals said that the story contains “swathe of inaccuracies” and “false misrepresentations.” The palace also raised the concern that the material did not pass through them before the publishing.

A legal response from the palace

Kate Middleton, alongside the palace, reportedly asked their legal team to make demands toward the publication. Reports said that they wanted the magazine to remove the false claims from their materials.

Tatler, however, did not comply at first. Instead, they argued that their sources were some of the close friends of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The publication also countered that their Editor-in-Chief Richard Dennen “stands behind” Anna Pasternak’s reporting, as well as her sources.

But, following the legal battle, the publication changed its tone. They also omitted the “false claims” on the profile, causing many individuals to deem that the Duchess finally obtained her victory over Tatler.

An “equivocal win” for Kate

Reports said that this is a “personal victory” for the future Queen Consort. Aside from winning over the publication, she also received the public’s admiration for enduring her share of negative press.

Later on, several individuals pointed out that the Duchess handled the whole debacle with “strength” and “dignity.” She managed the rumors with “grace,” according to Cheat Sheet.

With this kind of ability, not to mention her wisdom to choose her battles wisely, “and win,” many concluded that Kate Middleton would, one day, become a “powerful” Queen, who will be “great,” as well.

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