Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors: Did Prince William confirm fourth baby?


Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their third child two years ago, and royal fans have been waiting for their next baby.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have three adorable kids already. However, royal fans want the future king and queen to add more to their brood.

A  tabloid claims that the fourth Cambridge baby is already on the way. But one should take the report lightly as there is no evidence to support it.

Kate Middleton and Prince William, allegedly, expecting the fourth baby

New Idea published a report with a headline that read “Wills Confirms: Baby No. 4 On The Way!” At first read, it sounds as if Prince William just confirmed Kate Middleton’s pregnancy. However, the article doesn’t support the headline.

The story didn’t confirm any pregnancy and the outlet only quoted unnamed palace insiders who claimed Prince William wants to expand his family.

According to Gossip Cop, the story was the result of a photo released by Kensington Palace on Instagram. The snap featured Prince William playing around their kids. Middleton captured the intimate moment, and shady sources made stories out of it.

“He’s loved getting to spend more time with the kids, and it got him thinking that maybe he does want another,” a dubious source told New Idea.

“Of course, that was music to Kate’s ears. She’s always been keen. In a perfect world she’d have two of each.”


Middleton will, allegedly, make a pregnancy announcement soon

Kate Middleton and Prince William are quarantining in Norfolk with their kids. According to royal commentator Phil Dampier, the lockdown is making the duchess more broody. He speculated that the Cambridges might welcome new addition to their family.

“I’ve thought for some time Kate wants a fourth child and I think the lockdown has increased the chances of it happening,” Dampier said per New Idea.

“I’ve always thought the lockdown will result in a baby boom generally, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Cambridges join the club!”

Kate and Meghan will reportedly have new babies soon

Princess Diana’s former aide Paul Burrell also believed that the Cambridges and Sussex would welcome another child soon. Burrell said that Meghan Markle wants two children and she’s approaching 40, so she will likely have one soon.

Meanwhile, he also believed that Prince William and Kate Middleton would have four kids like Queen Elizabeth II. Thus, they could make a baby announcement soon, too.

“There will be four babies for Kate and William,” Burrell told Closer Weekly. “It wouldn’t surprise me if Kate and Meghan were pregnant at the same time next year.”

Image used courtesy of Frederic Legrand – COMEO/Shutterstock

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