Kate Middleton, Prince William subtly changing British Monarchy after Megxit

Queen Elizabeth sees Kate Middleton and Prince William as the “perfect suitors” for the British Monarchy.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have continued to do their royal duties and responsibilities. Despite the lockdown measures due to the pandemic crisis, the couple has remained dedicated to their roles as the future heads of the British Monarchy.

The couple has resorted to executing virtual engagements. But, as the lockdown continues to ease down in the United Kingdom, they have started to return to their public engagements and appearances.

Kate Middleton and Prince William after Megxit

Earlier this year, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their decision to quit the royal life. They officially left their posts as working royals on March 31 and immediately flew to the United States.

It remains unclear how well Kate Middleton and Prince William took the Sussexes’ decision. While the public’s speculations have continued to develop, the Cambridge couple, reportedly, “capitalized” on the situation.

Experts said that they have since appeared more “relaxed” amid all the duties and responsibilities. Reports said that they even “showcased” a few rare public displays of affection. But, for Insider, the publication reported that the couple and the rest of the British royals have portrayed a “united front.”

They handle more royal duties and responsibilities

With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s exit, several royal experts concluded that Kate Middleton and Prince William had taken more royal duties and responsibilities. They have become a lot busier since Megxit.

While the COVID-19 crisis halted their schedules, the couple, reportedly, utilized today’s technology and innovations to fulfill their tasks. Instead of doing public engagements and appearances, they did several video calls and interviews to continue moving forward.

They are subtly changing the British Monarchy

Apart from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit, Queen Elizabeth is also, reportedly, one of the reasons why Kate Middleton and Prince William have had more responsibilities these past few months. Sources told Us Weekly that the British Monarch has handed them more “new responsibilities” than Prince Charles.

The source continued and asserted that the Queen has shown “confidence” toward the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. She, reportedly, sees them as future rulers of the United Kingdom, who will successfully do their jobs.

In the end, the source said that Kate Middleton and Prince William are planning to “modernize” the British Monarchy by becoming more “relatable.” They are, reportedly, planning to do “subtle changes,” explaining that they intend to be more open toward the public. They will not abolish royal traditions, though, when they ascend to the throne, the source concluded.

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