Kate Middleton, Prince William disappointed fans after making this move


Kate Middleton and Prince William disappointed some of their fans when they decided to stop responding to their letters.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have been very welcoming and responsive to those who send them letters. However, they decided to stop doing so last year.

Kate Middleton and Prince William disappoint fans

Kate Middleton and Prince William receive mountains of letters every year for their birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and their children’s milestones.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge used to reply to their well-wishers which really pleased their fans. However, they decided to stop doing it and spend their time elsewhere because they couldn’t afford to respond to every single letter, Amanda Harding of Cheat Sheet reported.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a statement

Last year, Prince William and Kate Middleton joined the King’s Cup regatta. It was a huge success in raising money for eight different charities.

The royal couple released a statement to thank those who joined and supported the event. The letter also addressed the inquiries about the couple’s wedding anniversary in April 2019.

“With regard to your inquiry about their wedding anniversary, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge greatly appreciate all the messages that are sent in celebration of special events,” the letter wrote.

“However, with limited resources available to handle the growing volume of cards that they receive, Their Royal Highnesses will now focus on responding to a select number of these occasions such as Christmas, birthdays and significant anniversaries.”


Did Kate Middleton improve

Meanwhile, some fans had other concerns with the duchess when she celebrated her eighth wedding anniversary with Prince William. According to them, she didn’t improve.

Many fans felt that way following Meghan Markle’s entry. Prince Harry’s wife was very active when she joined The Firm.

Markle immediately started various projects which made some felt Middleton wasn’t as effective.

However, that has changed over time. Many have noticed how the Duchess of Cambridge has reinvented herself in the past months.

According to sources, Middleton has become more self-assured and stylish. Several also praised the duchess of listening to ideas even from the most junior members in her team.

Furthermore, the insiders praised Middleton for her dedication to the monarchy.

“She is very clear on her priorities and that values that guide how she lives and works. It’s about treating other people well to get the best out of them,” the insider said.

“She takes her role very seriously and just wants to do the best job she can.”

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