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Kate Middleton, Prince William urged to ‘renounce’ royal roles


It will reportedly be “nonsense” when Prince William and Kate Middleton become the heads of the British Monarchy.

The British Royal Family continues to receive criticisms from the public. Recently, Kate Middleton and Prince William have become the subjects of assertions of many critics, especially the anti-monarchists.

It makes total sense as to why the Cambridge couple is now in the spotlight. Apart from being some of the “most popular royals,” they are also the future King and Queen Consort of the United Kingdom.

The Daily Express reported, though, that not everyone is looking forward to it. As explained, Republic CEO Graham Smith even urged the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to “renounce” their royal titles and roles.

Queen Elizabeth should become the last British Monarch

Speaking to the publication, the head of the anti-monarchy organization explained that Queen Elizabeth should be the “last” monarch. He suggested that it would be “nonsense” for Prince William and Kate Middleton to become King and Queen Consort of the British Monarchy.

Smith continued that more and more people have now come to realize this nonsense. He also encouraged the Duke of Cambridge to “come out” and ask the public to instead vote for someone who will replace his grandmother.

The CEO of Republic countered, however, that the future King will not do this. He explained that William has already “bought into the whole nonsense” of the royal Firm.

Cambridge couple continue to step up

In the same report, though, a royal commentator “backed” Prince William and Kate Middleton to succeed in their future roles. Richard Fitzwilliams stated that the Duke of Cambridge is the “heir to the throne,” making him the next British Monarch after the Queen and the Prince of Wales.

He then went on to point out that the Cambridge couple has persisted in stepping up with their roles within the monarchy. He added that their duties are “meaningful” for them, noting that these are also an “excellent preparation for kingship.”

As the public would recall, the royal couple received several compliments from royal fans and experts for their dedication to the British Monarchy. Their commitments became even more apparent after the Sussexes left and amid the pandemic crisis.

Kate Middleton will become Queen Consort

When Prince William becomes the King of the United Kingdom, his wife will automatically become the Queen Consort. The Daily Mirror explained why she will receive the said title, unlike Prince Philip, who did not become a “King” when his wife ascended to the throne.

As stated, they follow the “old patriarchal system,” wherein kings outrank queens. Therefore, the Duke of Edinburgh could not become a “King” despite being in title alone.

The case is different, though, for Kate Middleton as the system does not apply in her and her husband’s case. Hence, she will be the next Queen Consort and likely call herself “Queen Catherine.”

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