Kate Middleton, Prince William’s warmth-lacking Christmas card explained

Kate Middleton, Prince William's warmth-lacking Christmas card explained

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently released their official Christmas card photo.

Royal fans always share their praise and adoration for Kate Middleton and Prince William. As they continue to dedicate their time and effort toward the British Monarchy, the public remains in favour of the royal couple.

As part of their “treat” and giving back, the Cambridges release annual Christmas photos for their holiday card. Upon publicizing their 2020 family portrait, Cheat Sheet recalled how royal supporters accused them of “lacking warmth” in the past. As noted, the allegation came after the British Royals posted their official image for their 2017’s Christmas card.

How Kate Middleton and Prince William lack warmth

The publication said that Kate Middleton and Prince William decided to wear “formal colour coordinating” sartorial pieces in the picture. At that time, Prince Louis was not present yet as he would be born a year later.

Speaking to the Daily Express, body language expert Judi James described the official image as “puzzling.” She added that it was the “most puzzling Christmas photo” of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge because it “lacks warmth.”

The expert continued that, alongside the warmth, the photo did not also manifest any “spontaneity” and “authenticity.” The royal couple’s choice of clothing was something the public would expect to see in Canary Wharf more than inside a royal home.

James also pointed out the “awkward” pose Prince George gave in the shot. Apart from it, he and his sister, Princess Charlotte, wore matching outfits, as well, to complement their parent’s chosen pieces. Moreover, the blockings of their poses seemingly show that there was “little if any idea of play or fun.”

Reports, later on, emphasized that the family posed for a photo weeks before the holiday season. This became apparent when fans noticed the future Queen Consort’s figure as she was “heavily pregnant” with her youngest by December of the said year.

Fans have a different opinion toward their latest Christmas photo

Despite the backlash three years ago, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge received compliments from royal fans this year. After sharing their official family portrait for the 2020 Christmas card, netizens shared their commendations on social media platforms.

While many individuals described the material as “beautiful,” others greeted the Cambridge family back with a “merry” Christmas. Some even shared tributes toward Kate Middleton and Prince William for putting up a great, warm photo amid the holiday season.

Featured image courtesy of The Royal Family/YouTube

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