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Kate Middleton, Prince William’s romance before royal wedding revisited in new book


Kate Middleton and Prince William had a rocky romance before they finally tied the knot, according to a new book.

Kate Middleton and Prince William celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary in April. But unknown to many, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s relationship also had its up and downs.

Robert Lacey revisited Prince William and Middleton’s relationship in his new book Battle Of Brothers: William, Harry And The Inside Story Of A Family In Tumult serialized in Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton allegedly changed schools for Prince William

Kate Middleton and her two pals Alice and Emilia, wanted to attend The University of Edinburgh. However, her plans allegedly changed when the palace announced that Prince William would be attending St. Andrews to study history.

The Duchess of Cambridge and her two friends had already traveled to Edinburgh and set up their lodgings. But Middleton had a change of heart. She decided to study at St. Andrews and take up history just like the future king.

The applications to St. Andrews increased by 44 percent, with many of the applicants being female, according to Lacey. Middleton was among them, and she persevered.

Kate and Prince William were friends

Kate Middleton and Prince William became good friends. She even saved the second in line to the throne from a pushy female student at a party.

Prince William wanted to get rid of the girl but was being polite, and she didn’t seem to get the hint. Middleton suddenly appeared out of nowhere and put her arms around him.

“Oh sorry but I’ve got a girlfriend,” Prince William said. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge went off giggling with the royal prince thanking Middleton.

They split twice

Kate Middleton caught Prince William’s attention when she slayed the catwalk in her underwear. The royal reportedly whispered to his friend Fergus Boyd “Kate’s hot!” At the after-show party, Prince William and Middleton were seen kissing each other.

At the end of March 2004, their romance went public. However, in the summer of the same year, Prince William agreed to join a boys-only sailing trip to Greece. Middleton wasn’t happy and broke up with Prince William.

They rekindled their romance, and things went well until three years later. In 2007, Prince William was spotted partying in London. He was dancing wildly at various nightclubs. In April of the same year, Middleton who was working at Jigsaw, excused herself at a meeting to take a call from her boyfriend.

She took the call in a room and shut the door for more than an hour. According to Lacey, when she came out after the call, she was already single.

Royal wedding at last

Prince William and Kate Middleton reconciled again and it was for good. In 2010, the future king proposed to Middleton. In 2011, they got married.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were together for almost a decade before they tied the knot. According to the book, he also advised Prince Harry to slow down with his romance with Meghan Markle.

Prince William even asked their Uncle Charles Spencer to help him convince Prince Harry. But the Duke of Sussex went mental and was furious that his brother involved their uncle in the issue.

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