7 major changes for Kate Middleton once she becomes Queen consort

Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, are the future heads of the British royal family. One day, they will become Britain’s King and Queen.

According to a royal expert, the official title of Kate Middleton will be Queen consort, while her husband will be King William V.

Marlene Koenig told Insider there would be significant changes in the Duchess of Cambridge’s life when she is crowned Queen.

Here are some of them.

New title

Koenig revealed that it’s wrong for people to call her Duchess Catherine.

Only royal blood princesses are allowed to use their first name after their title. The only time the 39-year-old mom will be able to do this is when she becomes Queen consort.

She will be called Queen Catherine when Prince William becomes king.

Nob description and more workload

Kate’s current job description says that she works “in support of The Queen” in royal duties internationally and in the UK.

She is always present in Buckingham Palace garden parties, Trooping the Colour, and official state banquets.

When Prince William becomes the head of the monarchy, Kate Middleton will be by his side as he hosts these critical events.

Koenig said, “There is no real constitutional role for a consort, just by tradition.  She will be the first lady of the land, in terms of precedence.”

With her new position and role, Kate’s workload will also increase in the process.

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, carried out 22,219 solo engagements just before he retired in 2017.

That’s because the Duke of Edinburgh is a member of over 750 organizations.

Once Kate Middleton becomes Queen consort, she’ll have to be a member of a few more, as her only patron is about 21 organizations.

Coronation ceremony

Unlike Prince Phillip, Kate will be crowned alongside her husband.

According to the royal family’s official website, it’s not a protocol for male consorts to be crowned. But it is a tradition for the female consorts.

Adopting the Queen’s mantra

Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge broke the “no comment” policy when dealing with the press after Tatler published an article filled with a “swathe of inaccuracies and false misinterpretations.”

Once she becomes Queen consort, Kate Middleton should adopt Her Majesty’s mantra, “never complain, never explain,” that was also first introduced to her by the Queen Mother in 1936.

New home

The Duchess of Cambridge will be moving out of Kensington Palace to Buckingham Palace and her three children and husband.

A modern monarchy

Kate Middleton has already broken protocol for taking selfies with royal fans. She and Prince William also appeared in TV shows, podcasts, and radio shows.

So perhaps when they ascend to the throne, we’ll see more of King William V and Queen Catherine in untraditional forms of media outlet.

No more curtsy

Since she’s the second-highest member of the royal family, everybody bows down Kate Middleton except Prince William.

Image courtesy of Shaun Jeffers/Shutterstock

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