Kate Middleton ready to reveal ‘private thoughts’ about Meghan Markle: Rumor

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton, allegedly, has a secret diary that holds the real deal of her relationship with Meghan Markle.

Kate Middleton wants to warn Prince Harry of all the alleged lies Meghan Markle has made. As the two duchesses are miles apart, how can this possibly happen?

Kate’s alleged diary

New Idea claimed the Duchess of Cambridge is still upset after Prince Harry and Meghan decided to leave the monarchy.

Now, Kate is said to be ready to spill all of her “most private thoughts” to her brother-in-law to clear his mind.

These thoughts are in her so-called diary, which serves as her therapy whenever she writes. It helps her walk away from the alleged conflict she has with Meghan instead of arguing or speaking in public.

Kate has been keeping this journal since she joined the royal family. The details it has are not “off-limits.”

Here, she writes her “broken relationship” with the Duchess of Sussex. Now, she feels they are making her the villain.

The purported article suggested it would be a nightmare if Kate loses this diary or if it falls into someone else’s hands.

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Debunking the wrongful story about Kate Middleton

Gossip Cop couldn’t deny if Kate indeed had a diary. But, the photo the tabloid used to prove its claim was trying to mislead the readers.

The snap where Kate was looking at a book was taken when the Cambridges signed a book of condolences for the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting’s victims. It was a tribute to the mass shooting victims and never a diary at all.

Also, the publication’s cover showed Kate seemed to be talking to Prince Harry. Its headline read, “Meghan’s Lying to You,” which was also misleading.

It had no connection to its main article about Kate’s alleged diary. It was only trying to convince people that the Duke of Sussex and his sister-in-law had a heated talk.

Hence, it was another click-and-bait story from the tabloid.

Kate, Meghan’s alleged spat, remains online

Kate managed to demand the removal of inaccurate and false reports about her and her family from Tatler. However, her alleged spat with Meghan remained online, Newsweek noted.

The 38-year-old won over the lifestyle magazine after it published its Catherine the Great cover story in May.

Some of the removed claims were the accusation she started working hard like “a top CEO” after Prince Harry and Meghan’s exit. She, too, allegedly, had a poster of Prince William on her room’s wall at her boarding school dorm, which she denied.

However, details about Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s fall out on the latter’s wedding were still there.

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