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Kate Middleton follows these rules when traveling abroad: report


Prince William and Kate Middleton always get to travel outside the United Kingdom because of their royal engagements.

Kate Middleton became an official member of the British Royal Family in 2011. After she and Prince William tied the knot, they have since served the Crown as senior working royals.

Apart from their engagements within the United Kingdom, they also had to do travels abroad. They meet with several high-profile personalities in various parts of the globe as part of their usual royal visits.

The Daily Express recently released a report detailing the etiquette and rules that the royal couple has to follow during these trips. The Cambridges have similar customs to observe. But, there are a few things, as well, that the Duchess had to do that do not apply on the Duke’s part.

Kate Middleton and Prince William had to exert efforts in their wardrobe pieces

Speaking to the publication, etiquette expert Anne Chertoff shared some of her thoughts and views about the royal’s trips and travels. She said that Prince William and Kate Middleton follow a specific custom that largely involves their wardrobe choices.

As the Chief Operating Officer of Beaumont Etiquette, a venture that runs a Duchess-themed etiquette course, she has a lot of knowledge when it comes to the appropriate movements that the Duchess of Cambridge had to do. She explained that the royal couple has to be “professionally dressed” all the time.

Chertoff also emphasized that this is “vital,” especially when engaging with high-profile individuals. This is why the public always sees them in stylish yet professional ensembles during royal state visits.

She continued that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s appearance are of “particular importance.” The reason being is that they always represent Queen Elizabeth and the British Monarchy everywhere they go. Whether they may travel through planes or another mode of transportation, the royals are expected to come out of their vehicles, “dressed professionally.

The etiquette expert argued, however, that this does not apply all too well for Prince William. She stated that the royal-born Prince would always wear a suit with or without a tie.

But, the case is different for Kate Middleton as she is the Duchess of Cambridge. She has a lot of options when it comes to her sartorial pieces. This, then, explains why she, at times, chooses to honor the country or culture through her dresses.

The pieces have their own seats on the plane

A separate report from the Daily Express tackled the logistics behind the fashion and appearance of the Duchess of Cambridge during their travels. As revealed, she always travels with her hairdresser, makeup artist, and fashion stylist.

Royal correspondent Emily Andrews also previously claimed that Kate Middleton’s dresses have their own seats or rows. She then said that each item is “packed with its own garment bag.”

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