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Kate Middleton secret Needle & Thread dress collection revealed


Kate Middleton has reportedly kept a collection of “sparkly” dresses from the luxury brand, Needle & Thread.

For many years, fashion experts and royal watchers have praised Kate Middleton for her style and appearance. Ever since she became an icon, many individuals have admired her and her fashion choices.

It is not surprising if she has kept a collection of her favorite brands and designers. But, recent reports claimed that Kate truly has a collection of her unique fashion pieces.

Kate Middleton and her private collection

One of the luxury brands that many have seen Kate wears include Needle & Thread. Although it has become common knowledge that she always prefers to wear Alexander McQueen’s pieces, recent claims revealed that she had kept a collection of “sparkly” and “glittering” dresses from Needle & Thread.

During a live video posted by the brand’s owner, Hannah Coffin, Hello! magazine reported that the publication’s owner had caught up with the fashion expert. Based on the conversations that took place, one of the topics included Kate Middleton’s “secret” collection of party dresses.

The Duchess and her surprising Aurora dress

Back in January, Kate Middleton reportedly surprised her audience as she wore the eye-catching Needle & Thread’s Aurora dress. The founder shared that they “knew” about the Duchess having this dress, “among others.”

She continued to assert that the royal “wear” their pieces “privately.” It remains unknown, however, when and where these events have been taking place. So, it is also unclear which pieces of Needle & Thread’s dresses that the Duchess of Cambridge has in her private collection.

The “Kate-Effect” and why designers, brands love her

The publication continued to share that the luxury brand always sends some dresses to Kate Middleton’s assistants. While some royals would reportedly prefer for their stylists to choose the most fitting pieces for them, the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly participates in the process, and “is very hands-on.”

It has appeared that many luxury brands, aside from Needle & Thread, send several fashion pieces to Kate Middleton. It is not entirely shocking because of the so-called “Kate-Effect.”

As explained, most of the Duchess’ fashion pieces have become trendy and popular after wearing them on royal events and engagements. One great example of this, besides the Aurora dress, is the “stunning” blue dress from Elie Saab that she wore in last year’s Royal Ascot.

Fashion experts then said that these brands and designers that Kate Middleton wears would always have a surge in order after witnessing how these pieces have appeared lovely and stunning in Kate’s frame.

Images courtesy of (1)Northern Ireland Office/Flickr & (2)News 24H Online/YouTube

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