Kate Middleton shares about family life amid new project launch

Kate Middleton shares about family life amid new project launch

Kate Middleton recently opened up about her family inside Anmer Hall. This comes after launching her new initiative amid the COVID-19 crisis in the United Kingdom.

Kate Middleton is a hands-on mother. It has become common knowledge already since she has touched on the subject many times in the past.

Just like most parents today, challenges have become also apparent to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Aside from keeping everyone in the family safe, tackling relationships and ties without leaving home has become an issue, as well.

In an interview with ITV’s This Morning, Kate Middleton reportedly talked about these “challenges” that they are facing inside Anmer Hall. The revelations of the details came after the launch of her new project, Hold Still, according to Metro UK.

Kate Middleton faces challenges at home amid pandemic crisis

Speaking with the program’s hosts, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, the Duchess of Cambridge “admitted” that she and her husband, Prince William, had found the current situation more challenging. Apart from the struggles in reaching out via virtual means, talking to their three kids about the crisis has also become a “hard” thing to do.

The Cambridge household had not reportedly done “a huge amount” of FaceTime or face calls in the past. However, she said that they are now doing “a lot more” of it, and it has been “great.”

She also went on to share that they always try to keep in touch with family members outside their current home. Accordingly, this has caused many individuals to conclude that they always talk to several members of the British Royal Family.

Prince George gets very upset

In the Duchess’ own words, she revealed that her firstborn son “gets very upset in terms of his schooling at home. As explained, the young royal reportedly wants to do his sister, Princess Charlotte’s “far cooler” projects than doing “literacy work.”

Kate Middleton then added that they have been following a “strict regime” inside Anmer Hall. “I feel very mean,” the mother of three said.

Kate launches a new project, Hold Still

As per Express UK, Kate Middleton has partnered with the National Portrait Gallery for the “Hold Still” project. The Duchess has become the new patron of the organization after the Queen passed it onto her.

The project reportedly aims to “capture the spirit” and feelings, as well as hopes, fears, and moods of everyone amid the pandemic crisis. It also encourages the public “to take a snapshot” of their lives as of the moment.

Hold Still will reportedly accept entries until June 18. All entries should fall under one of the three categories. These include Helpers and Heroes, Acts of Kindness, and Your New Normal. Kate Middleton then said that 100 entries will get the chance to have their works displayed at the National Portrait Gallery.

Images courtesy of (1)Northern Ireland Office/Flickr & (2)This Morning/YouTube Screenshot

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