Kate Middleton shock: Duchess accused of being ‘drained and trapped’


Kate Middleton and Prince William are suing British magazine Tatler after it published an article titled Catherine the Great.

The royal couple, especially Kate Middleton, is very upset because the write-up criticized her family, kids, and her weight.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate and William are suing, and their lawyers have already sent legal letters for Tatler to take down the article.

The article was written by Anna Pasternak for the July/August cover, and it was published on May 25. 

Kensington Palace reacts fiercely on Tatler claims 

The decision to take legal action against the magazine comes after Kensington Palace released a statement last week. The royal office stated that the write-up filled with “inaccuracies and false representations.” 

In particular, the palace is livid with the allegation that says Kate Middleton feels “drained and trapped.”

The magazine claimed that the duchess’ workload has doubled after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left.

“That is such an extremely cruel and wounding barb and it’s disgusting,” a source told the Daily Mail. “It’s sexist and woman-shaming at its very worst. It’s preposterous and downright wrong.”

The source further said that it is not true that the Duchess of Cambridge is exhausted. The allegations about her mom, Carole Middleton, and sister Pippa are lies too. 

“Tatler may think it’s immune from action as it’s read by the Royals and on every coffee table in every smart home, but it makes no difference,” the insider added. 

The Tatler’s story on Kate and Meghan’s falling out 

Another thing that made the couple decide to sue was the allegation that Kate and Meghan had a falling out. 

In the report, Pasternak wrote that one of the Cambridges’ friends revealed the duchesses got into an intense moment at Meghan’s wedding rehearsal. 

“It was a hot day and apparently there was a row over whether the bridesmaids should wear tights or not,” the friend allegedly said. “Kate, following protocol, felt that they should but Meghan didn’t want them to.”

The Duchess of Sussex won. However, Kate is said to have put Meghan in her place by reprimanding her for speaking in an arrogant manner to her staff at the Kensington Palace. 

Tatler’s response to the legal step taken by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The magazine’s editor-in-chief Richard Dennen stands behind Pasternak’s report about Kate Middleton.

He said Kensington is aware that they will publish the duchess’ cover because they approached them in February. 

Dennen said they asked if the duchess can pose for the cover, or they can just give them an exclusive photo. The request was declined. 

“Kensington Palace knew we were running the ‘Catherine the Great’ cover months ago and we asked them to work together on it,” he told Harper’s Bazaar. “The fact they are denying they ever knew is categorically false.”

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