Kate Middleton trying to conceive baby number 4, hopes to have a girl: Rumor

Kate Middleton trying to conceive baby number 4, hopes to have a girl: Rumor

Kate Middleton has, allegedly, convinced Prince William to have another baby.

According to Us Weekly, Prince William finally agreed to try for baby number four with Kate Middleton.

Since the couple spent more quality time with each other during the pandemic, there is, allegedly, a huge possibility that they would expand their brood.

“They’ve gotten to spend so much quality time with the children, and it’s really brought them closer as a family. More than ever, Kate realizes how blessed she is,” the source said.

Kate Middleton dying to have another baby

The insider insisted that Middleton has always wanted to expand her family for years.

“Kate wants to try for another baby. She’s being low-key about it and is saying it may or may not happen. But privately, it’s something she and William want more than anything. They’re aiming to be pregnant again this year,” the source said.

Queen Elizabeth thrilled to know about Cambridges' baby plans

Queen Elizabeth thrilled to know about Cambridges’ baby plans

Despite the tabloid’s claims that the royal couple is keeping their plans low-key, they also said that Queen Elizabeth already knows about it.

And Her Majesty is, allegedly, thrilled to know that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are trying for baby number four.

“The queen is absolutely thrilled and cried tears of joy when she heard. The queen adores Kate and knows what a big decision this must have been for her and William. They have her full support and she is overjoyed on their behalf,” the source said.

Prince William supports Kate Middleton

As for Prince William, the insider claimed that it took months before Middleton finally convinced him to have another baby.

After all, his wife first three pregnancies overwhelmed him too much. And the thought of having four children also made him feel overwhelmed.

Prince William isn’t also used to having such a huge family since he only has one sibling. And after his mom, Princess Diana died, he was left with only his dad, Prince Charles.

“It took some time. But after thinking about it, William is looking forward to what the future might hold,” the source said.

For now, the source claimed that Prince William and Kate Middleton are in full prep mode for the latter’s pregnancy.

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