Kate Middleton trying to get pregnant, more prepared to combat extreme morning sickness?

Kate Middleton and Prince William have not, allegedly, given up hope when it comes to having another child.

Even though Kate Middleton previously hinted that Prince William doesn’t want to have more kids, the tabloids are still saying that the couple wants more children.

Kate Middleton allegedly trying to have baby number four

New Idea recently claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are trying to have another baby. And unlike Middleton’s first three pregnancies, she and her husband are, allegedly, more prepared to combat her extreme morning sickness.

“William and Kate have been talking very seriously about having one more baby, and if she falls pregnant it won’t be a big surprise to those who know them best. Of course, she would need to take the utmost care after the troubles she went through previously, but Kate is still extremely healthy and they’re quietly confident they would have more tools at their disposal to deal with any complications this time around,” the source said.

Kate Middleton, Prince William's recent vacation

Kate Middleton, Prince William’s recent vacation

The tabloid linked Middleton’s, allegedly, baby-making plans with her and Prince William’s recent vacation with their kids.

New Idea said that the royal couple enjoyed one-on-one time during their trip. They also talked about their plans for the monarchy. And they, allegedly, took a breather amid the recent controversies involving them and the Sussexes.

And what vacation would be complete without the royal couple, allegedly, having a romantic evening together. This, according to the tabloid, was how Prince William and Middleton’s baby-making plans came into fruition.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the claims made by the tabloid with a grain of salt. There is no confirmation that Kate Middleton and her husband are trying to have another baby.

And if they are, it is unlikely for a tabloid to have first dibs on this kind of information.

Years ago, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge surprised the entire world when they announced Middleton’s first three pregnancies. Prior to the announcement, Middleton never told reporters that she and Prince William were trying to have a baby.

And the confirmation of her three pregnancies came from Kensington Palace and not a tabloid.

Still, tabloids have not grown weary of their tiresome narrative about Middleton’s alleged pregnancy.

In Touch Weekly even claimed last month that Kate Middleton and Markle are pregnant at the same time.

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