Katie Holmes allegedly reacts to rumors Emilio Vitolo is using her for fame

Katie Holmes allegedly reacts to rumors Emilio Vitolo is using her for fame

Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo’s relationship has been making headlines but for all the wrong reasons.

After the couple confirmed their relationship with their recent outing, tabloids have been questioning Vitolo’s intentions. And the fact that he was engaged just before he dated Katie Holmes hasn’t helped.

Emilio Vitolo using Katie Holmes for fame

According to In Touch Weekly, Vitolo is using Holmes for fame. And the actress’s friends also, allegedly, think that this is the case.

“He’s done some movies, but mostly bit parts and extra work, so she could help him land bigger roles,” a source said.

Katie Holmes doesn't think negatively of her boyfriend 

Katie Holmes doesn’t think negatively of her boyfriend

But luckily for Vitolo, the tabloid claimed that Holmes doesn’t think this way. The Dawson’s Creek star is, allegedly, being optimistic. And she also sees the glass half full.

The only problem is, Holmes has not talked about Vitolo and their relationship since they were first photographed in public together. As such, there’s no way for the tabloid’s claims to be correct.

The actress’s friends are concerned

Star isn’t the only tabloid that’s been accusing Vitolo of using Holmes. Last month, New Idea also claimed that the couple’s relationship won’t last.

“He’s such a celebrity hanger-on… a real kind of name-dropping show-off. He craves fame, so he’s like the cat who got the cream,” the source said.

Holmes’ friends are also, allegedly, shocked by how she’s been behaving since she and Vitolo started dating.

“Everyone’s shocked that she would be all over this guy in such a public space. After hiding undercover with Jamie Foxx for so many years, it’s really not like her. She’s almost fluent in Italian now, having done a crash course in May, and she let him completely overhaul her kitchen so he can cook. It’s great to see her so happy, but it’s not going to last… this is all going to end in tears,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, none of these claims are true. After all, no one knows for sure what Holmes’ friends think about Vitolo and their relationship.

Other tabloids have also been concocting dubious claims about the couple. For instance, Heat said that Holmes is madly in love with Vitolo that’s why she’s thinking about eloping with him.

The couple is, allegedly, already planning a simple wedding in Las Vegas. And the ceremony will be different from Holmes’s wedding to Tom Cruise, which was a massive event.

However, these claims aren’t accurate either. Katie Holmes and Vitolo are not talking about marriage.

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