Katie Holmes BF Emilio Vitolo reportedly far different from Jamie Foxx

Rumors have it Katie Holmes and alleged new boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo, share a lot “more in common” than her ex-flame, Jamie Foxx.

Katie Holmes has been seen with Emilio Vitolo on a date several times, and the two look very happy with each other’s company. Are they really a match made in heaven?

The difference between Vitolo, Foxx

A source told In Touch that there is quite a big difference between Vitolo and Foxx’s personalities.

“Unlike Jamie, he isn’t into the whole nightclub scene and partying all night,” the insider said about the celebrity chef. “He treats her like a princess!”

Dating rumors started plaguing the two when they were seen together on a date on Labor Day weekend.

The pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other, packing on major PDA while dining at Peasant Restaurant in Manhattan.

In the photos obtained by the Daily Mail, it showed Tom Cruise’s ex-wife sat on the restaurant owner’s lap.

They were even caught locking lips, not minding anyone who would see them in public.

“Emilio has helped Katie finally forget about Jamie,” the source continued. “She has a new lease on life and is glowing.”

The beginning of Holmes, Vitolo’s romance

Holmes and Vitolo were first spotted together at Antique Garage in SoHo on Sept. 1. At the time, they were happily sharing laughs and beaming with happiness.

They were privately talking, sitting at their table.

In Touch noted Vitolo works at Emilio’s Ballato Italian, along with his family in New York City. He also dabbled in acting, so he and Holmes indeed have the same interests and passions.

They have been on a few dates. Vitolo and his former fiancée, Rachel Emmons, first split up and “broke their engagement” before he started a relationship with Holmes.

However, no matter how cozy they look at their every outing, an insider revealed it is “never serious.”

“They are just having fun,” the tipster claimed.

Anyhow, in a different report by Daily Mail, it assumed the sweet photos of Holmes and Vitolo seemed to confirm their romance.

The loving stare Vitolo gave his alleged girlfriend couldn’t be denied. He lovingly gazed at the actress, who had her hair tied up in a messy bun, wearing a plain white shirt.

She was makeup-free at the time, showing her natural beauty. By its looks, Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo had no plans to hide their affection for each other.

Featured image used courtesy of Sky Cinema/Shutterstock

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