Katie Holmes boyfriend Emilio Vitolo using her for fame, relationship won’t last: Rumor

Katie Holmes boyfriend Emilio Vitolo using her for fame, relationship won't last: Rumor

Katie Holmes seems happy and in love with her boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo.

The couple packed on the PDA during their recent outing. And Katie Holmes and Vitolo’s photos got the tabloids talking.

Emilio Vitolo not really in love with Katie Holmes?

According to New Idea, it is unlikely for the couple’s relationship to last because Vitolo is just using Holmes for fame.

“He’s such a celebrity hanger-on… a real kind of name-dropping show-off. He craves fame, so he’s like the cat who got the cream,” a source said.

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo engage in PDA unlike with Jamie Foxx

The Dawson’s Creek’s friends are, allegedly, shocked that Holmes doesn’t realize that Vitolo’s intentions aren’t pure.

“Everyone’s shocked that she would be all over this guy in such a public place. After hiding undercover with Jamie Foxx for so many years, it’s really not like her. She’s almost fluent in Italian now, having done a crash course in May, and she let him completely overhaul her kitchen so he can cook. It’s great to see her so happy, but it’s not going to last… this is all going to end in tears,” the source said.

The tabloid accused Vitolo of being fame-hungry after he posed for photos with Barack Obama, Joe Jonas, and Lenny Kravitz. But posing for photos with A-listers doesn’t automatically make a person fame-hungry.

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo engage in PDA unlike with Jamie Foxx

The actress is allegedly very serious about her new relationship

Another source told Woman’s Day that it seems Katie Holmes likes Vitolo more than he likes the actress.

“She’s hot and very heavy with Emilio. He’s been taking her on a dining odyssey to his favorite hole-in-the-wall places around Manhattan and Katie is all over him when they go out in public. She doesn’t care who sees them – and nor does he,” the source said.

The insider claimed that the restaurant owner is also raising eyebrows right now after Holmes’ fans learned that he competed in Sweet Home Alabama in 2013.

He also, reportedly, broke his engagement to Rachel Emmons via text. And shortly after, he jumped ship with Holmes.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. Holmes received flak when she refused to confirm her relationship with Foxx years ago.

Now that she’s very open with her new beau, she’s also being criticized by the tabloids. But it is important to note that the single mom deserves to be happy just like everyone else.

Suri Cruise, Holmes in quarantine

While speaking with The Daily Telegraph, the actress shared what it’s like quarantining with her 14-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise.

“I like to keep her out of my interviews, but I will say that this time of quarantine has been such a lesson. Just really looking at everything you have and celebrating the simplicity of making dinner and [spending] that time together,” Katie Holmes said.

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