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Katie Holmes daughter Suri Cruise threatens to go with dad Tom if actress doesn’t split from boyfriend: Rumor


Katie Holmes’s daughter, Suri Cruise has, allegedly, threatened to leave her mom after seeing photos of the actress canoodling with Emilio Vitolo in public.

According to Woman’s Day, Suri Cruise can’t stand the sight of her mom acting like a teenager when she’s with her boyfriend.

A source told the tabloid that the teenager isn’t also pleased with the fact that she and her mom couldn’t hang out as frequently as they used to. After all, Holmes spends most of her time with her chef boyfriend.

“You used to see Suri and Katie out and about together almost daily, but lately she’s been missing. Suri probably can’t stomach the sight of them on every street corner,” the source said.

Suri Cruise couldn’t stand Katie Holmes’ new relationship

The insider also said that Holmes has pushed her daughter’s buttons. And it’s only a matter of time before Suri packs her bags and goes with her dad, Tom Cruise.

“Suri is a bright young thing and mature beyond her years and as she gets older she has a fascination with her father and the Scientology world they left behind. Her dad has a place in Florida, where her brother, Connor also lives on church property. And a smart child like her could find her way down there, especially if she’s upset with her mom,” the source said.

Tom Cruise could take Suri Cruise away from her mom

The insider also claimed that if the Mission: Impossible actor finds out about what’s been happening between Holmes and their daughter, he would, allegedly, step in.

“If this gets back to Tom, he’ll be rubbing his hands together. He has never gotten over how Katie managed to take his daughter away. For that matter, Scientology would love to have her back, too. They saw her birth as messiah thing,” the source said.

The tabloid published a misleading headling about Suri Cruise. They claimed that the teenager has gone missing. However, this isn’t what their story is about.

Katie Holmes’ relationship with her daughter strained due to Emilio Vitolo

Last week, Woman’s Day published a similar story about Holmes and Suri. The tabloid claimed that the teenager feels ashamed of her mom. After all, the Dawson’s Creek star has been engaging in public displays of affection with Vitolo.

“It’s so embarrassing for this to be so public. Suri doesn’t think she should be taking this guy seriously. He flirts with everyone who comes into his restaurant and she doesn’t like how he was about to tie the knot until a big-bucks megastar walked into his life,” the source said.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. No one knows for sure what Suri Cruise thinks about her mom’s relationship.

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