Katie Holmes desperately trying to get Emilio Vitolo’s attention again: Rumor

Katie Holmes is, allegedly, struggling to move on from Emilio Vitolo.

According to National Enquirer, Katie Holmes is desperately trying to get her ex-boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo’s attention months after they split.

However, the tabloid came to the conclusion after the actress promoted her upcoming project, Almost A Year, which Vitolo is also a part of.

Katie Holmes promoting ex-boyfriend’s movie

The tabloid assumed that Holmes promoted the project for her chef ex-boyfriend and not for herself.

“The spark may have gone but Katie still has feelings for Emilio. Although he’s already moved on and been hitting up girls on dating apps, she still holds a torch for him,” the source said.

Various tabloids have been making up all sorts of stories about Holmes and Vitolo after their split.

Katie Holmes relocating to Los Angeles 

Katie Holmes relocating to Los Angeles

Last month, OK! magazine alleged that the Dawson’s Creek star was relocating to Los Angeles after calling it quits with Vitolo.

“She likes the idea of relocating to Hollywood, where it will be easier to date someone who she knows isn’t in it for the fame. She loves the city and plans to keep her residence there, but she wants to be where the action is and show people what she’s got,” the source said.

Emilio Vitolo moves on from actress

Around the same time, National Enquirer claimed that Vitolo quickly moved on from Holmes after their split.

“I don’t think Emilio was ever really that serious about Katie, but he certainly seems to have enjoyed all the attention he got from being with her,” the source said.

The chef had also been living a double life by partying with a slew of women.

“Emilio’s into intimate parties – where couples or high-profile people can just turn up as long as they’re invited. It’s a whole scene in New York. They’re pretty wild parties where drinks, intimacy, and drugs usually flow freely,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, none of the tabloid’s claims about Holmes and Vitolo are true.

By the looks of it, Katie Holmes promoted the film because she’s part of it. And a source close to her previously confirmed that she’s in good terms with her ex-boyfriend.

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