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Katie Holmes ‘devastated’ over Jamie Foxx, ex Kristin Grannis reconciliation: Rumor


Katie Holmes is allegedly devastated that her ex-boyfriend Jamie Foxx has reconciled with his ex Kristin Grannis.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were in a relationship for seven years, but they kept it a secret. The two split earlier this year, and the singer-actor and his other ex are reportedly back together.

Katie Holmes on Jamie Foxx reconciling with Kristin

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were together for over five years, and they managed to keep their relationship under wraps. They started dating after her divorce from Tom Cruise. However, the two decided to separate earlier this year.

It’s not clear why Holmes and Foxx parted. However, a new report claimed that the Dawson’s Creek star was devastated about Foxx reuniting with Kristin Grannis. Foxx and Kristin have one daughter.

“Katie is still heartbroken over Jamie, and thought they were in it for the long run. Seeing he’s moved on has hit her hard and has been an emotional trigger for he,” a source told Closer.

“She can’t help but feel as though she wasted the best part of her thirties on Jamie – when it seems he was never really over Kristin, and now with no one on the horizon, it has got her feeling really sad.”

Why did Foxx and Holmes’ split?

According to Page Six, Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s relationship issues started when Katie cancelled a trip. They were supposed to enjoy a vacation in Montauk together over Memorial Day weekend, but the Batman Begins star changed her mind.

“Katie called two hours before he was supposed to get on a plane from LA to NYC and canceled. He was really upset,” an insider said.

However, another source shared a different story.

“Katie was supposed to go to Montauk to join Jamie, but he did something s–tty at the last minute, and that was that,” the other source said. “He canceled on his own and never got on the plane.”

Exes no ill feelings toward each other

However, another source told People that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx parted ways without bad blood for each other.

In contrast to what the two sources said, Holmes and Foxx allegedly remain in good terms after they ended their romance.

“It ran its course. This industry is very tough on relationships,” the insider told the outlet. “Jamie thinks Katie is an incredible human being. They had a very, very deep connection. They brought each other a lot of joy and laughter.”

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