Emilio Vitolo Jr.’s mom doesn’t want Katie Holmes for her son

Katie Holmes allegedly reacts to rumors Emilio Vitolo is using her for fame

The king and queen of public make out’s relationship have, reportedly, upset the chef’s mom.

Lourdes Vitolo is furious upon learning her son, Emilio Vitolo Jr., is in a relationship with Katie Holmes.

The couple has not been shy about their public displays of affection around New York.

News that they are actually dating each other broke after being photographed holding hands and making out in public last month.

Though friends of the couple are happy, one person is not thrilled, and that’s the NYC chef’s mom.

An insider told Page Six, “Lourdes thinks she brought him up better than that. She didn’t like how Emilio handled this at all.”

In September, the Daily Mail reported that Emilio, 33, ended his engagement with live-in fiancée Rachel Emmons, 24, through text after photos of him and the Batman Begins actress were first published.

Rachel was engaged to Emilio for 18 months. She was left shocked and scrambling when their relationship ended. The handbag designer immediately had to move back home.

Meanwhile, another source told Page Six that things didn’t go well between the two former lovers just before Katie, 41, came to the picture.

“He and his fiancée were taking it slow, and it wasn’t working out,” the source revealed.

“[Emilio Jr.] likes older women. He dated an older anchor at FOX and other, so he has a history with older women,” they further shared.

The same source claimed that neither Katie Holmes nor Emilio Vitolo Jr. has “sophisticated” tastes, which is why they are a perfect fit for one another.

“So, it could work out. They’re not discussing books or art or anything.”

Meanwhile, though Lourdes isn’t happy with their romance, Emilio has already introduced the Dawson’s Creek alum to his dad.

The two, reportedly, met and “seemed to get along great,” an insider shared to Us Weekly.

“Katie was making him laugh, and Emilio Sr. seemed very happy with Katie as well.”

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo Jr. whirlwind romance

The couple can’t get enough of each other as their honeymoon phase heats up.

The same tipster told Us Weekly that Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr. act like young teens in love when they spend time together.

“Emilio lights up when she enters his restaurant, and they kiss and hug like they haven’t seen each other in forever, but they see each other almost every day.”

The tipster added that whenever the Italian chef is asked about his Hollywood star girlfriend, “he blushes and smiles.”

“It’s constant smiles and loving looks between them and Emilio’s friends more than approve of Katie. They think she’s so great for him,” the tipster explained.

Image courtesy of MC1 Chad J. McNeeley, U.S. Navy/Creative Commons/CC 2.0

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