Katie Holmes hates her crooked toes, unsightly bunions, dying to get plastic surgery: Rumor

Katie Holmes hates her crooked toes, unsightly bunions, dying to get plastic surgery: Rumor

Katie Holmes has, reportedly, been very confident about her body except for her ugly feet.

Last year, Globe published a dubious story about Katie Holmes saying that the actress hates her feet. As such, she has, allegedly, consulted with doctors who can help her fix her crooked toes and unsightly bunions.

“Thanks to exercise and a few nips and tucks, Katie’s body has never looked better — aside from her feet. She desperately wants to do something about her crooked toes and unsightly bunions and she’s consulted with her surgeon,” a source said.

Katie Holmes doesn’t care about the possible side effects of her feet surgery

During the actress’s conversation with the expert, Holmes was, allegedly, informed that there could be side effects to what she wants to be done. But this didn’t, allegedly, stop Holmes from wanting to fix her ugly feet.

“Recovery can last up to three months and she might even need a walker to get around, but Katie’s determined to get this fixed. Designers push Katie to wear pretty shoes on the red carpet, but her toes are long and knobby, and getting a pedicure doesn’t help. Now she wants to change that as she plans to re-emerge as a fashion icon,” the source said.

Katie Holmes doesn't care about the possible side effects of her feet surgery 

Rumors debunked

An entire year has passed but Katie Holmes hasn’t undergone any surgery on her feet. In fact, Gossip Cop visited the tabloid’s questionable story this week to stress the fact that their claims are incorrect.

The rumor-debunking site confirmed that Holmes didn’t undergo foot surgery or any other surgery for that matter. They also said that if Holmes underwent foot surgery, it would’ve been difficult for her to walk around.

However, she was recently spotted hanging out with her boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo. After their loved-up photos made headlines weeks ago, Holmes and Vitolo have been photographed on at least two more occasions in public.

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo relationship controversy

But their happy relationship is not free from controversy. There are claims that Holmes knew that Vitolo was set to marry Emmons before she started dating him.

However, WHO said that it is also possible that Holmes was also blindsided by Vitolo and Rachel Emmons’ relationship. As of late, the three individuals involved in the controversy have not said anything about it.

Meanwhile, Globe has published several other rumors about Holmes. They previously claimed that she was quitting Hollywood and dating. The tabloid also claimed that Holmes was taking roles strictly for money because she’s struggling financially.

However, none of these claims about Katie Holmes are true.

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