Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx marriage, baby rumors debunked

Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx marriage, baby rumors debunked

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx never got married and expected a baby together, in contrast to what one tabloid reported last year.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dated following her split from Tom Cruise. The pair never admitted their romance publicly and were notoriously private.

However, last year, their split made headlines with various outlets confirming that they indeed dated. However, it’s not true that they got married and were having a baby.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx rumors

NW published a report claiming that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were planning to get married in Paris secretly. They reportedly wanted to take their relationship to the next level and were expecting a baby in mid-2019.

The dubious source even mentioned Holmes’ daughter Suri being giddy for her upcoming sibling.

“Suri cannot wait to have a sibling on the way,” a source told the outlet.

The source also alleged that at the time, Holmes was already four months pregnant and predicted that the baby would be “mini-Jaime.” The outlet also claimed to know the baby’s gender and when it was due. But those details were not true.

Baby and wedding rumors debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx got married. First, at the time the report was made, the then-couple were not spotted in Paris.

Second, during Holmes’ sighting at the time, she didn’t look pregnant at all. An insider close to the situation also denied the report and assured the rumor-debunking site that Holmes wasn’t pregnant.

Moreover, at about the same time that the baby was allegedly due, something else happened. Holmes and Foxx decided to part ways.

Although their relationship was never public, several sources talked to reputable outlets and confirmed that they had ended their six-year romance.

Katie and Jamie after split

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have already moved on from each other. Foxx had been seen with her baby mama Kristin Grannis in the past months.

However, another outlet alleged that Holmes wasn’t happy with Foxx stepping out with Grannis. The news about the exes spending time together allegedly left her devastated.

Meanwhile, another outlet claimed that Holmes starved herself after the split because she was brokenhearted. However, all those claims were not true. Holmes made it clear from the start that her priority is her daughter, Suri. Thus, she wouldn’t harm herself just because she was brokenhearted.

Also, Holmes sparked dating rumors recently after her sighting with chef Emilio Vitolo. The pair were spotted enjoying a drink a year after her split from Foxx.


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