Katie Holmes kept Jamie Foxx relationship a secret due to an agreement with Tom Cruise: Rumor

Katie Holmes kept Jamie Foxx relationship a secret due to an agreement with Tom Cruise: Rumor

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx dated for a couple of years. But it was only before they split that they publicly confirmed their relationship.

Now, Closer UK claims that Foxx isn’t entirely to blame. In fact, it was, allegedly, Katie Holmes that wanted to keep their relationship a secret.

A source told the tabloid that following Holmes’ split from Tom Cruise in 2012, the exes had an agreement that the actress won’t date anyone publicly for five years.

After all, Cruise didn’t, allegedly, want to be humiliated by Holmes’ new relationship.

Katie Holmes happy to be public with her new relationship 

Katie Holmes happy to be public with her new relationship

Now that Holmes and Cruise have been divorced for eight years, the Dawson’s Creek star couldn’t, allegedly, be more thrilled to publicly confirm her relationship with Emili Vitolo.

“Kate’s besotted with Emilio and loves how normal their life is together. After years of dating in secret with Jamie, 52, she is now out in the open with Emilio, holding hands and skipping around town like love-struck teenagers. She never wants it to end,” the source said.

Katie Holmes, Emilio Vitolo wedding plans

The source said that Holmes and Vitolo are already thinking about tying the knot since they don’t have to keep their relationship a secret from the world.

“Katie has said she’s already wasted so much time on the wrong men and wants to start enjoying this new chapter of her life,” the source said.

Closer UK isn’t the only tabloid claiming that Holmes and Vitolo are ready to tie the knot.

Woman’s Day previously claimed that the couple is ready to tie the knot after they were spotted visiting a Catholic church together.

“They’re both so ready and would do it tomorrow if they could. Marrying in a Catholic church would be the most fitting final middle finger from Katie to Tom before she closes that chapter of her life forever. Emilio makes her feel amazing, so different from what he ever did. She can’t wait to marry him. And she can’t get enough of him, and she’s never felt this way before. She doesn’t want a celebrity wedding. In fact, she’d be OK if it was just Emilio, her, a priest, Suri, and a couple of friends and family,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, Katie Holmes and Vitolo have not said anything about wanting to tie the knot.

So, the tabloids are just speculating on the couple’s future.

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