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Katie Holmes not forcing Emilio Vitolo to propose to her


Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo have only been dating for less than a year, but there are already rumors that they’re engaged.

Months ago, Life & Style claimed that Katie Holmes is so in love with Vitolo that she wants to be with him for the rest of their lives.

As such, the Dawson’s Creek star is, allegedly, forcing Vitolo to propose to her.

Prior to her birthday, Holmes, allegedly, knew that Vitolo was planning something special for her. So, she dropped hints by saying that the best birthday present she could receive is an engagement ring.

Katie Holmes loves Emilio Vitolo

A source told the tabloid that Holmes’s family and friends are worried that she’s rushing things. But the actress couldn’t, allegedly, care less because she’s in love.

However, two months have passed and there’s still no proposal. If Holmes and Vitolo are already engaged, they would’ve already shared the news with their fans.

And while it is true that Holmes and Vitolo celebrated the actress’s birthday together, there’s no truth to the claims that it involved an engagement ring.

Emilio Vitolo checks out other women when he’s with Katie Holmes

Meanwhile, there have been several other rumors surrounding Vitolo and Holmes.

Earlier this month, National Enquirer accused the chef of checking out other women when he’s out with Holmes.

“Emilio has a serious roving eye. And his ego has been out of control since he started dating a big-time Hollywood name. On top of that, he’s still in touch with a bunch of his exes and brags that Katie’s lucky to be dating him – not the other way around,” the source said.

The actress pays for their dates

In November, the same tabloid claimed that Katie Holmes is the one that pays for her dates with Vitolo.

“Paying for everything gives her a sense of empowerment and boosts her confidence. Katie’s been showering him with designer clothes and jewelry and even paying for a personal trainer to whip him in shape,” the source said.

And while Holmes doesn’t, allegedly, mind, Vitolo seems to be taking advantage of her generosity.

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. There’s no proof that Katie Holmes is spending money on Vitolo.

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