Katie Holmes pays for dates, spoils Emilio Vitolo with material things: Rumor

Katie Holmes pays for dates, spoils Emilio Vitolo with material things: Rumor

Katie Holmes, allegedly, picks up the tab every time she’s out with her boyfriend, Emilio Vitolo.

According to National Enquirer, Katie Holmes is doing everything that she can to make her much younger boyfriend happy. And the actress doesn’t, allegedly, mind having to break the bank for him.

Katie Holmes wants to be in control of her relationship

After all, doing so, allegedly, makes the Dawson’s Creek star feel that she’s in full control of her relationship.

“Paying for everything gives her a sense of empowerment and boosts her confidence. Katie’s been showering him with designer clothes and jewelry and even paying for a personal trainer to whip him in shape,” the source said.

Katie Holmes wants to be in control of her relationship 

Emilio Vitolo doesn’t offer to pay for anything

Vitolo has, allegedly, become so used to Holmes paying for everything that he never offers to pick up the tab when he’s with her.

“He doesn’t even offer to pay the tip when they eat out and usually orders the most expensive items on the menu – with her encouragement,” the source said.

The insider also said that Holmes loves it when she’s able to give Vitolo things that he likes because he’s made her so happy.

“It’s not like he doesn’t have any money. He should be paying his own way, at least,” the source said.

The chef is, reportedly, worth $1.5 million because of his family-owned restaurant, Emilio’s Ballato. However, Vitolo still, allegedly, has a selfish side to himself because he just broke up with his former fiancée, Rachel Emmons, via a text message.

Katie Holmes friends have some fears

And as for Katie Holmes, the actress’s friends are, allegedly, happy for her. But they can’t help but feel worried about the actress.

“People are happy she’s finally found a man she believes she can trust. But they’re also concerned she’s trying too hard to make him happy. No one wants to see her hurt again,” the source said.

Baby rumors

Rumors about Holmes and Vitolo’s relationship have been rife for months. In October, Woman’s Day claimed that the actress is desperate to have a baby with her boyfriend.

While Holmes was dating Jamie Foxx, she was also, allegedly, keen on having a baby. However, the A-lister refused her wishes. Luckily for the actress, she and Vitolo are on the same page when it comes to starting a family.

However, one should still take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. After all, no one knows for sure what’s going on between Katie Holmes and Vitolo during their private moments.

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